We Can Haz Coastal Magic Con T-Shirts!!

If you’ve already registered for #CMCon16, or if you’re thinking about it, or if you’ve been in past years, or if you just like palm trees and books… I’ve got a cool, wearable goody for you! Today I launched the first of two t-shirt campaigns through teespring.com.

crewnecktshirtdesign1This first option is simple, just our logo and the date/location of the event. I tried to cover a variety of preferences, so there are two t-shirt styles and a tank top option. Depending on the style, you can get blue or white, and one style has sizes up to 5x. I hope, if this is your kinda thing, that you’ll find something to suit you. This is also the design I would suggest for anyone who would like to collect author signatures for a keepsake or blog giveaway.


We’ll be doing another design campaign in November, which will include long and short sleeve t-shirts, and a sweatshirt/hoodie option. It’ll also be a darker blue (navy-ish) shirt. You have until September 9th to order for this first campaign, and they’ll ship out the following week.

I’ve got mine ordered… I can’t wait to see who else sports our awesome new logo in February!!

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