About Coastal Magic

I can’t tell you about Coastal Magic without first telling you a little about Olde City, New Blood…


One night I was talking to an author buddy online (whining, really) about how upset I was that some of my favorite authors toured for their new releases, but didn’t come into Florida. After our chat, he told me that I should give authors a “reason” to come to Florida. That I should just plan an event.

After chuckling… then pondering… then chuckling some more… then pondering some more… I figured, why not??

I had no reason to think I could make it work when I started, other than simply having the desire to do it. I fumbled my way through with help from some awesome people, a bit of common sense, and a whole lotta luck! :-) So, if you’re an author or reader who participated at Olde City, New Blood… I’m sorry, and also THANK YOU! We had an *interesting* time, but we had a blast, and because of you, my little shindig became a reality.  (To go to the Olde City, New Blood website, please click the image. All the posts and info about that event is still there, along with some links to wrap-up posts by attendees.)

As much as I love St. Augustine… it just didn’t have the right place for us. So… with a location move (to Daytona), came a new name, Coastal Magic Convention.

Ten amazing event weekends later – we’re still dedicated to casual fun and bookish shenanigans. I’m still amazed by the stellar authors who come to hang out and chat with me us. We have fun discussion panels, fun meet & greets, fun games & activities… are you sensing a theme here? 🙂

I’d be thrilled if you could join us!

See you by the beach!


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