Reading Challenge

Get to know our 2024 Coastal Magic Featured Authors!

Read awesome books & share your love of these authors to collect points towards perks & and prizes at the next convention.

We’d love for you to join us for the fun!

Point Perks:

  • 5 POINTS – One (1) Charity Raffle Ticket for every 5 points an attendee earns (up to 20 tickets)
  • 50 POINTS – 1st Choice seat preference to Flash Fiction
  • 75 POINTS – One (1) digital or physical prize/prize pack donated by Author/Publisher
  • 100 POINTS – Early entrance to the Author Book Signing on Saturday (15 minutes)
  • 150 POINTS – Early sign-up for Author for Lunch With An Author
  • 200 POINTS – Sneak Peak of CMCon25 Featured Author List


There will be 5 prizes awarded during the official Coastal Magic Convention in 2024, and determined/awarded in the following order:

  • Most Points Earned – GRAND PRIZE, Overall Challenge Winner
  • 2nd Prize – Most Authors Read
  • 3rd Prize – Most Books Read
  • 4th Prize – Most Authors Read runner up
  • 5th Prize – Most Books Read runner up

*Ties will be determined by each tied participant’s page read totals.

Readers with the most points earned each month will have the added opportunity to group chat with participating Featured Authors via Zoom.

To Earn Points:

  • Author Points: You can collect one (1) Author Point for each Featured Author you read. An author with multiple pen names is considered a single author, for a total of one (1) Author Point, regardless of what pen name is read. Co-Authors writing under a single pen name are considered a single author, for the total of one (1) Author Point. Co-Authors with both of their names on the cover are considered a single author, for a total of one (1) Author Point attributed to the co-author of your choice.
  • Book Points: You can collect one (1) Book Point per book you read. Allows for collecting multiple Book Points by the same author. Anthology stories can be counted as individual stories (towards Author Points and Book Points) if they meet the 50 page requirement.
  • Activity Points: You can collect one (1) Activity Point per original social media post for up to three (3) Activity Points a month. Duplicate/cross-platform posts count as one (1) post. Sharing a Coastal Magic Convention or a Featured Author’s “Coastal Magic specific” post counts as one (1) post if you have added original text and the hashtag to the new post. Highlighting the same author(s)/event(s)/topic(s) is technically allowed, though we ask for as much variety as possible. Additional Activity Points may be available during specially announced author/convention activities.
  • Bonus Points: You can collect one (1) Bonus point for every 1000 pages read, awarded February 11, 2024. For example, if your collective page count total for the competition is 6,724 then you will receive 6 Bonus points added to your point total. (Page counts vary by format, so to avoid confusion a list of official page counts will be available once the challenge starts.)


  • Read books by Coastal Magic Convention Featured Authors. You can find the list of participating authors HERE. Books must be read (for the first time) AND reviewed between June 1, 2023 and February 10, 2024.
  • Post a public review of at least 3 sentences. Reviews can be posted on any public forum, such as a blog, Goodreads, Book Life, Library Thing, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Google Play or other vendor site.
  • Fill out the Coastal Magic Reading Challenge form. (New link coming after June 1st!) You’ll be asked to put the name of the author and the name of the book, as well as a link to your review.
  • OPTIONAL – Consider sharing your review, news about a participating Featured Author, or your overall excitement about Coastal Magic Convention on your own personal social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. Posts must include the hashtag #CMCon24. There is a place on the Coastal Magic 2024 Reading Challenge form to put the link to your original post.
  • Perks are available to any reader who earns that level of points. In the spirit of friendly competition, Grand Prize and Runner-Up Prizes are limited to one per reader. Attendees will receive their prizes in Daytona. Non-Attendee winners will be mailed their prizes after #CMCon24.

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