Featured Authors

We’re thrilled to be back in person in 2023… with these amazing authors, and all of YOU!


Jeanne Adams
A C Arthur / Lacey Baker
Eric R Asher
Kait Ballenger
Tamara Berry / Lucy Gilmore / Tamara Morgan
Deborah Blake
Melissa Bourbon / Winnie Archer
Morgan Brice / Gail Z Martin
K C Burn
Gail Chianese
Nina Crespo
Lucienne Diver
Cecilia Dominic
Jeaniene Frost
Olivia Gaines
Eliza / E M Gayle
Lexi George / Alexandria Rushe

Seressia Glass / Mallery Malone
Katey Hawthorne
Violet Howe
Elizabeth Hunter
Melody Johnson
Melonie Johnson
Tawdra Kandle / Tessa Kent / Tamara Kendall
Tonya Kappes
Catherine Kean
Kiernan Kelly / Dakota Chase
Lisa / L A Kessler
Amy Lane
Caroline Lee
Kari Lemor
Maz Maddox
Mari Mancusi
Hildie / H M McQueen

Tere Michaels
Julie Moffett
J D Monroe / Jessica Hawke
Julie Morgan
Sarah Nicolas / Aria Kane
Nancy Northcott
Dahlia Rose / Billie Arsceneaux
Karen Rose
David R Slayton
H D Smith / Sloane Savage / Morgan Quick
Cynthia St Aubin
Yahrah St John
Melinda VanLone
Mara Wells
Jailaa West
Winnie Winkle
Nikki Woolfolk


We understand that sometimes “life” happens and other obligations or circumstances may force an author to cancel their attendance at Coastal Magic. As sorry as we are to be missing them, we wish them the best, and look forward to having them with us some time in the future.
Cancellations as of 1/27/23: S E Smith, Hailey Edwards, Kim Law, Sasha Summers, A J Sherwood, A E Via, Tif Marcelo, Tigris Eden, Adriana Herrera, Sharon C Cooper, Sam Burns, W M Fawkes, Sylvia McDaniel, T.M. Cromer, Renee George, Robyn Peterman, Rheland Richmond, Max Walker, Peggy McKenzie, LaVerne Thompson,


Scroll to see who’s been with us in previous years.



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