Featured Authors

Huge thanks to each of our 2024 Featured Authors.
We appreciate them spending their time with us. ❤


Jeanne Adams
Eric R Asher
J D Blackrose
Morgan Brice / Gail Z Martin
Catherine Bruns
K C Burn
Jessica Cage
Nina Crespo
Carolyn Cross
Jen DeLuca
Lucienne Diver
Cecilia Dominic
Larissa Emerald
Rhys Everly / Lawless
Jeaniene Frost
Seressia Glass / Mallery Malone
Sharon Hamilton / Annie Carr / S Hamil

Violet Howe
Genevieve Jack
Melody Johnson
Kiernan Kelly / Dakota Chase
Amy Lane
Kim Law
Karmen Lee
Justin S Leslie
Lisa Lin
Shawntelle Madison
Maida Malby
Tif Marcelo
Bernadette Marie
Deb Marlowe
Cathryn Marr (Dawn Johanson / Terese Ramin)
Heather McCollum
Hildie McQueen

Tere Michaels
J D Monroe / Jessica Hawke
Sarah Nicolas / Aria Kane
Jackie North
Nancy Northcott
Caridad Pineiro
Layla Reyne
Rayvn Salvador
A J Sherwood / Honor Raconteur
Mona Shroff
David R Slayton
H D Smith / Sloane Savage / Morgan Quick
Cynthia St Aubin
Sasha Summers
Allison Temple
Jamie A Waters
Winnie Winkle


We may be adding a few authors throughout the summer. Check back for additions!!

Scroll to see who’s been with us in previous years.



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