Frequently Asked Questions

Health & Safety Policy for CMCon22

Coastal Magic Convention and the Hilton Daytona Beach are absolutely determined to make our event as safe as possible for all attendees. We will be following any and all CDC guidelines and national advisories active at the time of the event. Right now, that includes wearing masks in all indoor public spaces (except while eating), and social distancing to at least 3′, up to 6′ where possible. Our event area has restrooms centrally located for frequent hand washing, and I will have sanitizer available in every event room and public space. I have already decreased our max attendee goal to allow for more open flow in our common areas, and seating in panel rooms will follow the advised distancing. Obviously, we all hope that these regulations will be more relaxed (as much as it is deemed safe) by the time February rolls around. Should things become worse, and cancellation becomes necessary, all registrations will be transferred to our next event (either later in 2022 or 2023.)

What Is Coastal Magic Convention?

  • This event is my way of getting the authors I love to read and talk to close enough for me to hang out with. It was a completely selfish plan that has turned into a annual shindig I’m very proud to be a part of. For more info about its origin, click on the “About” page above.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Check the Registration page on June 1st, when General Registration begins, for all pricing and details.

What Do I Have To Do To Attend?

  • Readers: General Registration starts June 1st. You simply pay the registration fee and you’re set. Our attendance limit for readers is 150, this year. If you are not local to Daytona, you’ll need to get a hotel room (we strongly recommend our host hotel – discount room info will be posted when it becomes available.)
  • Bloggers: Bloggers will register as General Registration. Featured Bloggers will be chosen in April, and will have responsibilities before and during the event (and will get cool perks for their efforts). You can email me via the contact form if you’re interested in Featured Blogger status. Positions are limited.
  • Authors: I have gotten MANY questions about how authors are selected for Coastal Magic. Here are the basics:
    • We do not have open registration for Featured Author positions. I try very hard, each year, to put together a dynamic and diverse Featured Author group that includes both established and newer/local authors. I also include authors from a wide range of sub-genres, publishing paths, and readership groups. The most effective way for me to do this is by invitation.
    • The first round of invitations are sent in late March/ early April, and go out to returning authors, authors on my own “wish list”, and authors requested on our attendees’ feedback forms. The second round of invitations goes out to authors who’ve contacted me, who I believe will help create a fun and interesting lineup for our attendees. Every year I discover fantastic “new-to-me” authors thanks to their emails, it’s one of my favorite parts of this gig!
    • If you’d like to be considered for Feature Author status (listed on the Featured Author page, guaranteed space at public signing, participation in panels/meet & greets) please use the contact page (there’s a tab, above). Our goal is 50 Featured Authors. The contact page will be updated when Featured Author spots are full.
    • I will be keeping a wait list, once we reach our Featured Author limit, in case of cancellation. Authors on the wait list may be contacted at any point, if a space becomes available.
    • *NOTE* Contacting me does NOT guarantee you a spot as a Featured Author or the wait list. I will make all final decisions based on individual communication with authors.

Can I Get A Refund?

  • Yes, with limitations. You can request a full refund up to 30 days from the time you pay for your registration. After that, you are welcome to transfer your registration to a friend, or to the following year’s event. See the transfer info below. The last date to request any refund will be December 31, regardless of what date you registered. After that point, I’ll be paying off things for the convention, and will not have the money available for refunds.

Can I Transfer My Ticket To A Friend?

  • Yes. If you’re unable to make it to the convention after you’ve registered, and would like to send a friend in your place, simply email me at CoastalMagicConvention at gmail dot com with your information. I’ll need your order #, your name, your email, and the corresponding information for the person coming in your place. There may be additional information needed, depending on final details for the convention. If you would rather, you can also transfer your registration to the next year’s event.

Is There A Charge For The Public Signing?

  • No. The signing is completely free to attend and open to the public, as well as to those attending the full Coastal Magic Convention. All Featured Authors will be participating. Some authors will have their own books to buy at their table (may include ebook downloads), some will have books at the bookseller table, which can be purchased and taken to the author’s table for personalization. Please limit the books you bring into the signing from home to 3. Those books will be marked with temporary, invisible ink as you come in, and scanned as you leave the signing. Books by participating authors will be available to purchase before and during the signing.

Are Meals Included In My Registration?

  • One meal is included with your registration. We have an Author/Reader lunch on Saturday. There are MANY options, both in the hotel and within easy walking distance, for the rest of your meals.

How Much Time Will I Actually Get With Each Author?

  • All the panels and meet & greets are designed to not only create discussions, but give time to chat individually. There will also be ample time between panels for catching up with both authors and other readers. Also, there are other activities designed to allow casual conversation with participating authors. While I can’t give you an actual number of minutes, you’ll have LOADS of face time with your favorite authors.

Do you have an “Harassment Policy”?

  • Unfortunately, as much as it sucks that it’s necessary, yes, we do. EVERY report or observed instance of harassment WILL be investigated to the best ability of event staff and if necessary, myself. If any attendee is found to be harassing another attendee they will be asked to leave and no refund will be issued. We will be as fair as possible, but will NOT tolerate harassment of any kind.  This includes, but is not limited to, unwanted or inappropriate attention, verbal abuse, and unwanted or inappropriate physical contact. Put simply, BE NICE TO PEOPLE! Respect each other’s personal space and feelings. There may be times when some of us have differences of opinions. That’s ok… it’s what makes things interesting. We can discuss these differences without attacking each other. We can also appreciate each other without encroaching on personal space. Each person is here for a weekend of fun and relaxation. We are dedicated to giving everyone the freedom to interact with each other in a safe, comfortable environment.

Do you have a “Privacy Policy”?

  • Yes. Due to the increasingly invasive nature of some in social media, and also just because it makes sense, we have instituted a privacy policy. Yes, Coastal Magic is a public event, but that means we have a responsibility to make everyone comfortable engaging with each other. This means give each other the courtesy of asking before taking a picture of them, and before posting pictures into online photo albums and/or social media platforms. There are authors who use pen names, and bloggers/readers who use screen names, for the sole purpose of keeping their professional and public lives separate. In order to ensure we ALL have a good time, please respect the choices of your peers. Ask before you click/post. Any reported violations of this policy will be addressed, and if necessary, abusers will be asked to leave without a refund.

If you have other questions or need anything clarified, please email me at

CoastalMagicConvention at gmail dot com

4 Comments on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hi I have a question about bringing books from home. Is the 3 book limit per author? And can I buy more than 3 books from authors at the event

    Thanks 😊

    • Hi Beth! The three book limit is total. And yes, you’re absolutely welcome to buy more than three books at the event. We’d just like to encourage people to buy from the authors at the event, as a thank you for making the trip and spending the weekend with us.

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