Our 2021 event is virtual, so our schedule is a bit different from our previous years. I hope you’ll still find many panel and activity options that look interesting, books and authors to discover and love, and reading friends that will last a lifetime.

We’ve been having SO much fun, the last few months, getting used to this whole “virtual event” idea. Here are some of the things we’ve already done, in case you missed them!
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Lead-Up to Coastal Magic Weekend!

8PM-9PM (ET) Mixing It Up – Variety is the “spice of life”, right? Authors chat about writing in multiple genres, and readers discuss the universal things they love that cross genre lines.
Rebecca Zanetti, Marie Long, K C Burn, Amy Lane

9PM-9:30PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Sasha Summers & Tawdra Kandle
9:30PM-10PM (ET) Meet & Greet – LaVerne Thompson & Aria Kane

8PM-9PM (ET) It Takes A Village – A chat about shared worlds and collaborations. So many incredible shared world collections have come out recently. Authors and readers discuss the pro and cons of writing, and reading, these groups of stories.
Kiernan Kelly, Jeanne Adams

9PM-9:30PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Gail Z Martin & Tina Glasneck
9:30PM-10PM (ET) Meet & Greet -Layla Reyne & Jeanne Adams

8PM-9PM (ET) What’s In A Name? – Authors discuss the sometimes difficult, sometimes hilarious process of naming their series/books/characters and/or choosing a penname. Chat about the research and inspiration behind some of our favorites.
Beverly Jenkins, K C Burn, Violet Howe, Tere Michaels

9PM-9:30PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Kiernan Kelly & Eric R Asher

8PM-9PM (ET) They’re Playing Our Song – Annual chat about the music that inspires our authors. Hear story motivation songs, character theme songs, and overall mood music for some of your favorite stories.
Tina Glasneck, Tigris Eden, Tawdra Kandle, J F Lewis

9PM-9:30PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Amalie Howard & Dahlia Rose
9:30PM-10PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Tere Michaels & K C Burn

6PM-6:30PM (ET) Coastal Magic 101 – “Official” introduction to the 2021 Virtual Coastal Magic Convention. Chat about things coming up for the weekend, where to find content, how to access panels, and more!
Jennifer Morris (director)

7PM-7:30PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Violet Howe & Elicia Hyder

8PM-9PM (ET) From Page To Screen – Discussion about the plethora of book adaptations in TV and cinema right now. Why do you think they’re so popular? Find out what our authors might envision for their own stories brought to life.
Jennifer Estep, A C Arthur, Delilah S Dawson

9PM-9:30PM (ET) Meet & Greet – Kait Ballenger & Gena Showalter

To help us showcase all of our authors, and give all of you the kind of variety that you expect from our event, we’ve partnered with the lovely people who’ve created and run the never-ending virtual convention, ConTinual! This will allow us to overlap panels (much like we would do in person), and give everyone some options for your day. Panels that will generate from the ConTinual platform (and be shared through the Coastal Magic pages, but you’ll have to go to the ConTinual post to comment or ask questions in real time) are noted in their descriptions. They’ll also be rebroadcasting some of our lead-up and Saturday panels on Sunday, in case you miss anything!

10AM-11AM (ET) Foodie Love – A yearly favorite chat about the deliciousness of foodie romances. Talk with authors about the popularity of these stories, and the real life food inspirations.
Sonali Dev, Layla Reyne, Tawdra Kandle, Nikki Woolfolk

10:30AM-11:30AM (ET) Abracadabra – Join us for a discussion about all things witches, warlocks, mages, and more! Authors discuss their magical worlds and what unique things they do to keep their readers spellbound. (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
Victoria Sue, J F Lewis, H D Smith, Lexi George

11:30AM-12:30PM (ET) Art Imitating Life – How much of a fictional story do readers want to reflect real world problems? Authors discuss how they incorporate current social issues into stories, while making sure to entertain and engage the reader.
Kwana Jackson, Kiernan Kelly, LaVerne Thompson

12PM-1PM (ET) A Funny Thing Happened… – When the “things that go bump in the night” are actually characters tripping over their cat, and the werewolf shifter just split their last pair of jeans in public. Urban Fantasy authors discuss their stories that pit good vs. evil with magic AND mirth. (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
Tina Glasneck, Lexi George, Delilah S Dawson, Gail Carriger

1PM-2PM (ET) GAME: Romance BINGO – Authors take turns calling BINGO words that are customized to encourage discussion about their books. Using an online BINGO program, readers can play along using a second device, or printing out game cards.
Victoria Sue, Nina Crespo

1:30PM-2:30PM (ET) GAME: Urban Fantasy BINGO – Authors take turns calling BINGO words that are customized to encourage discussion about their books. Using an online BINGO program, readers can play along using a second device, or printing out game cards. (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
Gail Z Martin, Amy Lane, J D Monroe

2:30PM-3:30PM (ET) The Boy/Girl Next Door – The return of a popular discussion about the quirks and charm of “small town romances”, from the authors who write them, and the readers who love them.
Leigh Duncan, A C Arthur, Dahlia Rose,

3PM-4PM (ET) Out Of This World – Chat with authors about their science fiction and fantasy stories, and taking their readers on adventures that are “out of this world”. (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
LaVerne Thompson, Elicia Hyder, H D Smith, Delilah S Dawson

4PM-5PM (ET) From Low Burn to High Heat – Contemporary romance authors discuss how to decide on the “heat level” for their stories. Come chat about the sweetest sweet, and the steamiest steam in some of your favorites.
Sasha Summers, Tere Michaels, Hildie McQueen, Amy Lane

4:30PM-5:30PM (ET) Hear Here! – Audiobooks are so much more than simply someone reading a book to you. Join in this fan favorite discussion about what makes an awesome audiobook, what our authors think about the process, and what you’re looking forward to in 2021 audio. (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
Eric R Asher, Marie Long, Aria Kane, Kait Ballenger

7PM-8PM (ET) Tropes: Tried, True, & New – Authors and readers chat about the deconstructing and reconstructing of standard fiction tropes: telling “the same old story” in fresh new ways. Some things our authors have tried, and what readers have loved.
Gena Showalter, Amy Lane, Sonali Dev, Leigh Duncan

7:30PM-8:30PM (ET) Run The World (Girls) – Beyonce’s song talks about the power of women in the world. Join our authors to discuss the power of the leading women in the stories we love. Whether it’s emotional, magical, physical – good or evil – how do these characters build and use power? (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
Jennifer Estep, Tawdra Kandle, Amalie Howard

8:30PM-9:30PM (ET) GAME: Drawful – Authors will lead two teams of readers to compete in an hilarious online game (using second device) for artists of any skill level.
Violet Howe, Elicia Hyder

9PM-10PM (ET) ACTIVITY: Cocktail Hour – Authors share info about favorite beers, wines, and other spirits while discussing their books. (Live broadcast via Zoom through ConTinual – shared to Coastal Magic pages/platforms.)
Gail Carriger, Eric R Asher, K C Burn, Nina Crespo, Rebecca Zanetti

10AM-11AM (ET) Timeless Tales – Historical romances have been getting a LOT of buzz lately. Join our authors in a discussion about the wealth of times and places to draw inspiration from, and the various ways they tell the tales of long ago.
Beverly Jenkins, Nikki Woolfolk, Dahlia Rose, Amalie Howard

11:30AM-12:30PM (ET) GAME: Social Media Fun Times – Authors lead readers in answering silly internet quizzes, completing name generators, captioning silly images, etc.
Gail Z Martin, Jeanne Adams, Aria Kane, J D Monroe

1PM-2PM (ET) Gay Fiction: Genre By Genre – Discussion about gay character representation in various fiction genres. Are there differences in the experiences of gay characters in paranormal, suspense, contemporary, historical, western, multi-cultural, and sci-fi stories?
Kiernan Kelly, Gregory Ashe, Layla Reyne, Gail Z Martin (Morgan Brice)

2:30PM-3:30PM (ET) ACTIVITY: Fandom Geekery – Authors show & tell items and stories from their respective favorite fandoms, while chatting about their books.
Sasha Summers, Jennifer Estep, J D Monroe, Dahlia Rose

4PM-5PM (ET) Loving Our #OwnVoices – A discussion about inclusion, and the unique historical/cultural perspectives offered in #ownvoices stories. Authors and readers discuss the benefits of both seeing a representation of themselves in stories, and of learning about other cultures.
Tigris Eden, Amalie Howard, Marie Long

5:30PM-6:30PM (ET) ACTIVITY: Planners – Authors share fun processes and favorite products with readers, while chatting about their books.
Rebecca Zanetti, Hildie McQueen, Tere Michaels, Jeanne Adams

7PM-8PM (ET) Band of Brothers – A discussion with authors about the relationships of male characters in their stories. Brothers, brotherhoods, packs, and pals… how do these bonds help shape the leading man in their stories? And why are they so popular with readers?
Gena Showalter, Kwana Jackson, Kait Ballenger, Gregory Ashe

8:30PM-9PMPM (ET) Wrap It Up! – Let’s chat about what you did and saw this weekend! What did you love? What didn’t work out as well? Come by and finish out the weekend chatting with author and reader friends. *Might be 10th Anniversary sneak peeks, too!!”
Jennifer Morris (director) & more

All signings will happen via Zoom. Links will be sent those who order books via the forms HERE, to join the author on screen while they sign your items. Some authors have print books, some are signing bookplates and other swag. Please see the forms at that link for details. Zoom link will be sent out 30 minutes before the assigned signing time (all times are Eastern), on Sunday, with further instructions.

10am-10:30am     Sasha Summers
10:45am-11:15am     Tawdra Kandle
11:30am-12pm     Tina Glasneck
12:15pm-12:45pm     Layla Reyne
1pm-1:30pm     Eric R Asher
1:45pm-2:15pm     Jeanne Adams
2:30pm-3pm     Amy Lane
3:15pm-3:45pm Sonali Dev
4pm-4:30pm     Kiernan Kelly
4:45pm-5:15pm     Hildie McQueen
5:30pm-6pm     Violet Howe
6:15pm-6:45pm Elicia Hyder
7pm-7:30pm     Tere Michaels
7:45pm-8:15pm     Dahlia Rose
8:30pm-9pm     Gail Z Martin

Please be sure to check for the latest update before making your plans.

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