I hope you all find lots of things to be excited about below!! A copy of this will also be included in your pocket program in your Welcome Bags.
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Panel Title / DescriptionPanelistsLocation
Monday, 2/20
7-8pmWish You Were Here: Q&A Chat w/ Ben Aaronovitch
Series of chats with authors we WISH could be with us, but for a plethora of reasons could not. This is a fabulously entertaining chat with the author of the Urban Fantasy “Rivers Of London” series, from his home in the UK.
Ben Aaronovitchrecorded
Tuesday, 2/21
7-8pmWish You Were Here: Exploring The Bubbaverse!
Series of chats with authors we WISH could be with us, but for a plethora of reasons could not. Two of our Featured Authors who write in this shared “monster hunter” universe are joined by both the creator of “Bubba The Monster Hunter”, and one other contributor to the world.
Eric R Asher, Gail Z Martin, John Hartness, J D Blackroserecorded
Wednesday, 2/22
7-8pmWish You Were Here w/ TBATBArecorded
Thursday, 2/23
10am-1pmThe Writing Garage presents: Gut Punch: Using Emotional Conflict As PlotTere MichaelsSiesta
Craft workshop – requires separate registration and $35 fee (Sign up here:
4:00 PMRegistration Check-In BeginsKey Foyer
5:30-6pmIntro To Coastal Magic
If you’ve never been to Coastal Magic before — or just have questions about this year’s weekend, this is for you!! I will talk everyone through the schedule, including all special events and extra activities. I dont want anyone to miss out on any of the fun!!
8-10pm“UnBirthday Party” Welcome Mingle
Join us for a our first get together of the weekend. Featured authors will be hosting tables (and may be giving out goodies or playing games!) and welcoming everyone to the festivities. We’ll find out the winners of the 2023 Reading Challenge, and have birthday treats.
Cash bar available.
Hosts: Morgan Brice, Nancy Northcott, Tawdra Kandle, Caroline Lee, Hildie McQueen, J D Monroe, David R Slayton, Maz Maddox, Kiernan KellyKey Ballroom
Friday, 2/24
9am-6pmBookseller / VendorsCitrus Foyer
9-9:45amMore Than Bullets & Bodies
Led by police, detectives, or other officials, we love stories that build in classic mystery elements. Our authors discuss what it takes to create an effective, suspenseful mystery that keeps the reader guessing.
Amy Lane, Karen Rose, Lucienne Diver, Julie MoffettSiesta
9-9:45pmBeauty & The Beasts: Two Sides of Shifter Characters
Authors discuss the human vs. animal (creature) sides of their shifter characters. Is it like writing two different characters? How much does each’s “humanity” effect their shifted self, and vice versa.
Eliza Gayle, Maz Maddox, Cynthia St Aubin, Lisa KesslerSunset
10-10:45amThe Facts In Our Fiction
Authors discuss the ways they research for their stories. Locations, police procedures, technology, mythology… how factual are these bits of our fictional stories? How much do readers really notice?
Winnie Winkle, Tamara Berry, Melinda VanLone, Elizabeth HunterSiesta
10-10:45amTimeless Tales
Historical Romance authors chat about what draws them to the past, and why readers love these stories today. How much has changed, and what has stayed the same?
Dahlia Rose, Hildie McQueen, Caroline Lee, Catherine KeanSunset
11-11:45amPublishing Plus
Podcasts, Patreon, web series, TikTok – there are so many ways for authors to share more of themselves and their stories with readers. Come chat about these “outside the box” ideas, and find out what cool things your favorites are doing.
Kait Ballenger, Sarah Nicolas, Mari Mancusi, Melonie JohnsonSiesta
11-11:45amOut Of This World
For many readers who want the ultimate escape, science fiction and fantasy are “go to” options. Join authors for a discussion about creating worlds and stories that take us far away from reality.
H D Smith, Melody Johnson, Jeanne Adams, Nancy NorthcottSunset
12-2pmLunch – On our own.
2-2:45pmFoodie Fiction
Our authors discuss the scrumptious foodie delights in their books. Have they tried them? Do they bake/cook? Get the stories and the recipes in this fun chat.
Yahrah St John, A C Arthur, Nikki Woolfolk, Nina CrespoSiesta
2-2:45pmThe Devil We Know
Scoundrel, miscreant, villain, low-life, bad guy/girl next door… they’re all names for the thorn in our favorite characters’ sides. Chat with authors about their own evildoers, and others that readers love to hate.
Cecilia Dominic, Morgan Brice, K C Burn, Olivia GainesSunset
3-3:45pm(Non)Fictional Furbabies
Chat with our panelists about their real life four-legged friends, and the fictional pets in some of our favorite stories.
Mara Wells, Deborah Blake, Catherine Kean, Kari LemorSiesta
3-3:45pmThe Ties That Bind
Discussion about the bonds of “brotherhoods” or “sisterhoods” in some of our favorite stories. Whether it’s by blood, pack, coven, platoon, choice, or something else — we’ll chat about how those relationships affect our main characters.
Tawdra Kandle, David R Slayton, Gail Chianese, Hildie McQueenSunset
4-4:45pmMad(Libs) for YA
YA authors enlist attendees to help fill out Mad Lib snippets, taken from passages of their books. Join us for guaranteed laughs, and most likely, additions to your “must read” TBR piles!
Mari Mancusi, Kiernan Kelly, Sarah Nicolas, Eric R AsherSiesta
4-4:45pmSmall Town, Big Romance
Bakers and florists and handymen… OH MY! Authors of “small town” romance share the inspiration behind their sweet stories, and chat about their widespread appeal.
Violet Howe, Nina Crespo, A C Arthur, Mara WellsSunset
5-5:45pmOur World In Our Words
We all know diversity in stories is necessary, and how much richness and depth having a fully developed worldview provides. Our authors discuss their story and character inspirations and perspectives. Open discussion to share faves & increase TBR piles!
Yahrah St John, Kari Lemor, Dahlia Rose, David R SlaytonSiesta
5-5:45pmShow Me The Funny
Our annual discussion of all things bookishly hilarious. Authors chat about comedies of errors, snarky dialogue, and amusing inspirations.
Caroline Lee, Tonya Kappes, Cynthia St Aubin, Julie MorganSunset
6-8pmDinner – On our own.
7:30-8:30pmAfter Dinner Mixer“Sizzle & Swoon: Galactic Romance Cruise” Mixer
Join our host authors for some fun chat and games! This mixer is the perfect way to rejoin your fellow readers after dinner, then “cruise” into the mystery event!
Tawdra Kandle, Melonie Johnson, Caroline LeeSiesta
8:30-10:30pm“Murder At The Nir Cantina”
The Nir Cantina on Federal Station Nine in the Axilon Nebula attracts a diverse crowd of space travelers, including mercenaries, traders, diplomats, scientists, and smugglers. While most of these folks want nothing more than to have a quick drink and a meal on their way from one end of the galaxy to the other, at least one of them has a more sinister purpose in mind. It will take the guests and employees of the Nir Cantina all of their wits and skills to piece together the confounding clues and determine the identity of the killer in their midst!
Cash bar available
Hosts: Violet Howe & H D Smith
Players: Lucienne Diver, Caroline Lee, J D Monroe, Kiernan Kelly, Sarah Nicolas, Cecilia Dominic, Julie Morgan, Cynthia St Aubin, Morgan Brice, Melody Johnson, Tamara Berry, Julie Moffett, Mari Mancusi, Melinda VanLone, Melonie Johnson
Key Ballroom
Saturday, 2/25
9am-6pmBookseller / VendorsCitrus Foyer
9-9:45amTechnically Speaking
Worldbuilding chat with authors about all the technical do-dads and thingamabobs in their stories. How much is real, and how much is imagined? How does it all work?
Cecilia Dominic, Julie Moffett, Jeanne Adams, Nikki Woolfolk, Nancy Northcott MODSiesta
9-9:45amHEA FTW
Whether it’s sultry sexy-times, first kisses with new loves, or somewhere in-between, readers love contemporary romance. Chat with authors about HEA’s, how fast is “too fast”, and how they’re telling “the tale as old as time” in fun new ways.
Tere Michaels, Nina Crespo, K C Burn, Melonie JohnsonSunset
9-9:45amIt’s A Kind of Magic
Discussion about the magic users in our favorite stories. Witches, alchemists, and more. Where does the magic come from? What are the consequences of using it?
David R Slayton, Lisa Kessler, Deborah BlakeFlemming
10-10:45amFandom In Our Fiction
Join us for some geeky fun as authors discuss which major fandoms they are a part of, and how that fandom influences their lives and their writing.
Julie Morgan, Mari Mancusi, J D Monroe, Amy Lane, Morgan Brice MODSiesta
10-10:45amBite Me!
Join Paranormal Romance authors discuss readers’ continued fascination with vampires. Are they good? Are they bad? How are authors keeping the stories fresh and new, and what are readers looking for?
Jeaniene Frost, Kait Ballenger, Violet Howe, Melody JohnsonSunset
10-10:45amHear, Here!
Authors discuss what it takes to make an audiobook awesome, and why the popularity of this format continues to grow. Chat about your favorites, and what to look forward to.
H D Smith, Sarah Nicolas, Eric R Asher, Catherine KeanFlemming
11-11:45amM/My Inspiration
Gay fiction authors discuss their inspiration for writing in general, and the how’s & why’s behind some of your favorite stories & characters.
David R Slayton, Maz Maddox, Kiernan Kelly, K C BurnSiesta
11-11:45amUrban Fantasy 101
Authors discuss creating worlds that includes paranormal elements and magical beings, while keeping the story believable for the reader. Chat about your favorite urban fantasy stories and characters.
Elizabeth Hunter, Jeaniene Frost, Amy Lane, Winnie WinkleSunset
11-11:45amSleuths & Sidekicks
Join authors of cozy mysteries to chat about their particular brand of “who dunnit”. Whether there are magical elements in the story or not, they’ve “put a spell” on readers!
Tonya Kappes, Morgan Brice, Deborah Blake, Tamara BerryFlemming
12-1:30pmLunch w/ An AuthorKey Ballroom
1:45-2pmImprov Flash Fiction: Prep and Reading Challenge Winner Early Entry
2-2:45pmImprov Flash Fiction
Our annual panel of epic, random nonsense. Authors create a story in real time, round-robin style, based on audience prompts. Always insane, always hilarious.
Eric R Asher, Lucienne Diver, Kiernan Kelly, Caroline Lee, J D Monroe, Dahlia RoseSunset/Flemming
2:30-3:45pmBook Signing: Author Prep
3:45-4pmBook Signing: Reading Challenge Winner Early Entry
4-6pmBook Signing: Open To PublicAll Featured AuthorsKey Ballroom
6-8pmDinner: On your own.
8-10pmGame Night
Open space for authors and readers to unwind and spend a chill evening together. Tables are available for groups to play board or card games, do crafting or coloring pages, or just hang out and read.
Cash bar available.
Key Ballroom
Sunday, 2/26
9-10amRaffle Basket Winners AnnouncedHall A&B
10-10:45amThe Killing Game
Return of reader favorite panel about the myriad of unusual ways authors “off” their characters. Chat about the processes for deciding who lives and who dies, and the effect on both author and readers.
Amy Lane, Jeanne Adams, Nancy Northcott, Nikki WoolfolkSiesta
10-10:45amTrope, Trope, Trope, Goose!
A returning favorite, as we discuss favorite story tropes. Second chance at love? Enemies to lovers? Love triangles? Which tropes are your “go-tos”, and which do you pass on?
Tere Michaels, Yahrah St John, K C Burn, Eliza GayleSunset
11-11:45amGenre Hopping
Authors discuss the benefits and drawbacks of writing in multiple genres. What’s the trick to getting readers to hop along with them?
A C Arthur, Hildie McQueen, Tamara Berry, Morgan BriceSiesta
11-11:45amSpine-Tingling Romantic Suspense
A discussion with romantic suspense authors about balancing the elements of their story to satisfy fans of action, mystery, AND romance. Chat theories and maybe a spoiler or two.
Melinda VanLone, Karen Rose, Olivia GainesSunset
12-12:45pmWe Are Family
Chat with authors about parents, siblings, and children in their stories. How does the family dynamic affect their characters? Discuss the families (by blood or choice) in our authors’ stories.
Tawdra Kandle, Melinda VanLone, Jeaniene Frost, Dahlia RoseSiesta
12-12:45pmSocial Media Funtimes
Authors (and the audience) take turns with name generators, auto-completes, This or That, and other social media memes and games. Silliness guaranteed! (Usually the last panel on Sunday.)
Caroline Lee, Sarah Nicolas, Sunset
Open chat for all — casual discussion about what you loved during the weekend, what you didn’t love as much, and ideas for future years. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
JenniferHall A&B
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