Coastal Magic Convention 2023: It’s Almost Time!!!

Hello Lovely Reader Friends!!

This time next week, we’ll be Coastal Magic-ing!!! 

I can’t wait to see everyone in Orlando! The hotel is gorgeous, and the weather is projected to be perfection!! **fingers crossed it stays that way!**

I wanted to share a few things that you need to be aware of, most specifically the info for choosing your author for the Lunch With An Author next Saturday.

This event is hugely popular, and author slots fill up incredibly fast, so you’ll need to be sure you do/remember the following:

  • Be sure you have your free account with, and if possible, get signed in before start time.
  • I will share the link for our signup at 8pm ET on Sunday night on our social media and using the email address you registered with. 
  • Slots for authors will fill as selections are submitted. This is done by the site, not by me. I will not change a signup if an author fills before you submit your selection. 
  • Please have a list of authors you’d like to sit with ready to go, in case your first (or second, or third) choices are full. We have SO MANY amazing authors, I can’t imagine this will be a hardship. ❤
  • Please also consider choosing an author you’re not as familiar with! This is a fantastic time to get to know your next “favorite author”!!
  • You can only do one sign up at a time. If you’re making choices for two attendees. You’ll have to do one (with one email), then sign out, and sign in with their (different) email to make their choice with their name. 
  • THERE ARE NO PROMISES THAT PEOPLE CAN SIT TOGETHER WITH ANY PARTICULAR AUTHOR. You and your reader buddies may be able to sit with the same author, but you may have to spread out and chat with different authors, if the slots are full.
  • You will receive a tab when you check in that has your table host author on it — please do not exchange tabs with anyone. There are only a certain number of chairs per table, and we try to be sure everything matches up with our checklists. Thank you.

In addition to the lunch… other things to remember for the weekend… 

  • I will be doing my annual “Coastal Magic Intro/101” at 5:30-6:00pm on Thursday evening, in case you have questions about what to expect during the weekend.
  • The schedule can be found here, and will be updated as necessary.
    “Life happens”, and if there are author cancellations, I will try to update the schedule in a timely manner. 
  • Be sure to come by the “UnBirthday Party” Welcome Mingle on Thursday evening to say hi to our host authors, your fellow readers, and grab a welcome treat!! We’ll also be announcing our Reading Challenge winners and playing some SWAG BINGO throughout the evening. 🙂 
  • Masks will be required at all times while you are in our event space, with the only exception of while you are eating. I will have extra disposable masks on hand in case anyone forgets theirs. 
  • You are encouraged to dress as some form of alien for the “Murder At The Nir Cantina” mystery event on Friday night (dressing as an Earthling is perfectly acceptable, as well). We’ll have a selfie station set up for your use, and our event photographer will be taking pics there, as well. You can purchase an InstaPrint of her pics for $1 (printed right away with a portable printer). This is a fun option if you get a shot with an author and want them to sign it for you as a keepsake.
  • The book signing on Saturday is from 4-6pm, and is included in your registration. It is also open to the public at no charge. If you have friends who’d like to pop over for just the signing, be sure to let them know! 

I think that’s it!! 

If you haven’t yet, be sure you’ve joined the Facebook Authors & Attendees group. There are lots of questions asked & answered there, along with updates. 

See you soon!!!

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