#CMCon23 Lunch With An Author Signup Link!!!

It’s time — it’s time!!! Here’s the link for choosing an author lunch buddy on Saturday of our Coastal Magic weekend. 🙂

Reminding again…

This event is hugely popular, and author slots fill up incredibly fast, so you’ll need to be sure you do/remember the following:

  • Here is your link for the signup – https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0449aba72fa2fb6-cmcon231#.
    I’m sending it in email, and posting in our Facebook Authors & Attendees group, as well.
  • Slots for authors will fill as they are submitted. This is done by the site, not by me. I will not change a signup if an author fills before you submit your selection.
  • Please have a list of authors you’d like to sit with ready to go, in case your first (or second, or third) choices are full. We have SO MANY amazing authors, I can’t imagine this will be a hardship. ❤
  • Please also consider choosing an author you’re not as familiar with! This is a fantastic time to get to know your next “favorite author”!!
  • You can only do one sign up at a time. If you’re making choices for two attendees. You’ll have to do one (with one email), then sign out, and sign in with their (different) email to make that choice with their name.
  • THERE ARE NO PROMISES THAT PEOPLE CAN SIT TOGETHER WITH ANY PARTICULAR AUTHOR. You and your reader buddies may be able to sit with the same author, but you may have to spread out and chat with different authors, if the slots are full.
  • You will receive a tab when you check in that has your table host author on it — please do not exchange tabs with anyone. There are only a certain number of chairs per table, and we try to be sure everything matches up with our checklists. Thank you.

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