It’s June 1st!! First 2021 Coastal Magic Convention Featured Authors Announced

So many things are going to be different for our 9th annual weekend together (apart) — and I’m looking forward to all the fun new shenanigans we’re able to get into, virtually! However, there are a few things that I’m trying to hold on to, despite all of the chaos going on around us. One of those things is the start of our Coastal Magic Featured Author Announcements!!

We don’t have a full listing of authors yet — changing to a virtual program is exactly what some authors were hoping for, but not so much for others. As usual, in an effort to keep our Featured Author lineup fresh and exciting, we’ll be giving some of our familiar faces a rest next year, and welcoming some new, and “new-to-us” authors into our little family. (Don’t worry, you’ll likely see them again in the future.) For now — here is our current list of Featured Authors:

Jeanne Adams
A C Arthur
Eric R Asher
Kait Ballenger
K C Burn
Leigh Duncan
Tigris Eden
Elicia Hyder
Lexi George
Lorraine Heath
Violet Howe
Beverly Jenkins
Tawdra Kandle
Kiernan Kelly / Dakota Chase
Amy Lane
Heather Long
Marie Long
Gail Z Martin / Morgan Brice
J D Monroe / Jessica Hawke
Hildie McQueen
Tere Michaels
Sarah Nicolas
Layla Reyne
Dahlia Rose
H D Smith / Sloane Savage
Victoria Sue / Scarlett English
Sasha Summers

I’m in the process of updating this website to reflect all of the things we’re trying to accomplish for our 2021 event — and as always, the Coastal Magic Convention: Authors & Attendees Facebook Group is a fun place to hang out and chat all things #CMCon21.

I don’t have exact details for reader registration yet, but will be updating all of our social media and this blog when info is available.

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