Coastal Magic Convention 2021 (Feb 18-21, 2021) is Going Virtual!!

Things have been unsettled in so many ways lately. I hope you’re all taking care in whatever ways you need to, and keeping yourselves occupied with awesome things.

Since the end of this year’s weekend, things have been a bit quiet in the Coastal Magic Convention playground, but today — WE HAVE NEWS!!!

I’ve made the decision that 2021 will be a virtual event. I know this isn’t everyone’s “cup o’ tea”, but it’s the best option we have of being able to put on an event safely. Could the world be all better in February? Maybe, and I REALLY hope that it is, but I can’t afford to take the chance that it won’t be. I’m hoping to create something with the same spirit and feel as our annual event — the same personal interactions, the same interesting discussions, the same oddball funtimes — just accessible from your living room, in your pjs. (Or, hey… go ahead and put on your beachwear — get in the groove!!)

I don’t have all the answers about exactly HOW we’re going to do everything just yet. Some other events have done some really fun things virtually, so I’m soaking up a lot of options and doing a lot of research into what’s possible. If you’re a member of the Coastal Magic Convention: Authors & Attendees Facebook group, you’ll likely see some of my brainstorming as it happens. If you’d like to be informed as things get decided/updated, be sure you’re subscribed to this blog and/or our newsletter.

In MORE exciting news… it’s June 1st!! In Coastal Magic Land, that means the first Featured Author announcement! Click HERE to see some of the amazing authors who’ll be joining us live-via-video in February.

While I’m sad that it’s necessary, I’m actually excited to explore all of the fun, unique things we’ll be able to do as a virtual event. I hope you’re all willing to come along for the ride!!

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