My Cup Runneth Over…

overflowing-cupDear All Of You Wonderful Authors,

We are OVERFLOWING!!!! Not only do I have my goal of 50 authors met (and happily exceeded), but my WAITING LIST is over 50 authors long and I’m getting new requests almost every day.  At this point, it’s unrealistic and unfair to keep adding to the list. We’d have to lose EVERY confirmed author in order to make it through the waiting list, and I sincerely hope that does NOT happen!! I believe I’ve contacted everyone on the list with their options. I don’t want anyone to limit their plans based on a logistic improbability.

As of right now (and, admittedly, I should have done this before now) the waiting list for 2015 is closed. Anyone on the list right now (who wants to remain) will, of course, stay on it. Unfortunately, I cannot know how many names we’ll need to pull from it. For those interested in the 2016 event… I’ma need some time, lol. Right now, my focus is on this coming February. AFTER that weekend, I’ll take about a month off from all things convention. Then, I’ll start contacting authors that I’d like to attend and/or authors attendees have requested to see. Shortly after that, I’ll open the remaining spaces to new Featured Author requests. I’m guessing that will happen around mid April, based on the timelines from our two previous years.

To avoid any confusion, there ARE still some authors who need to be added to the website. These are not NEW contacts. These are authors I’ve been working with to get details ironed out for some time. I don’t want anyone to feel passed over, or left out. It’s simply a matter of putting ducks into little rows and herding all the kittens, lol.

Thank you all so much for your interest in Coastal Magic. I love that people are talking about the event, and have good things to share. I absolutely encourage authors to attend, even without a “featured” status, as there are SO MANY opportunities to talk to readers and fellow authors during the weekend. This really is a low-key, hang out and chat with EVERYONE kind of shindig!! If you have promotional items you’d like to share, we can include those in our welcome bags (we can do this even if you DON’T plan to attend). You can even plan unofficial meet & greets with your fans around the hotel and/or local restaurants.

Again, this is an odd sort of “problem” to have… an abundance of riches that I’m SO grateful for. I hope this answers some questions, and I hope you’re all able to join us in some capacity. I can’t wait for February!!




One Comment on “My Cup Runneth Over…

  1. What an amazing problem to have! Will you be adding wait listed authors to a sign up or notification for 2016 conference?

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