BOOKISH BITS & BITES: CELEBRATIONS – Charity Anthology from Coastal Magic Convention 2022 Authors

Since we’re doing Coastal Magic as a virtual event for a second year, our charity efforts will once again be focused on our BOOKISH BITS & BITES anthology. Since this is our 10th Anniversary weekend, our participating Featured Authors each contributed a “celebration” story and a recipe to go along with it.

These are all brand new stories, from both new and existing worlds. The anthology is a limited edition, and will only be available from now through the end of our convention weekend. Sales will end on February 27th. After that point, the participating authors – Morgan Brice, K C Burn, Sam Burns, Tawdra Kandle, and Kiernan Kelly — will reclaim ownership of their stories, and may choose to release them in some form at a future date.

Morgan Brice – “Sandwiched” – When a hunt gone wrong lays Evan out with a fever, Seth relies on a favorite home remedy to make things better.
K C Burn – “The Yips” – As a gay werewolf, Kaden never expected to find his mate. But his best friend’s brother, Noah, might just change his mind. Unfortunately, Noah is human, and Kaden has to figure out a way to tell Noah the truth.
Sam Burns – “The Fluke” – The fox has always been different from other foxes, but when a hunter comes to the forest looking for him and his brothers, he has to figure out how to do something no other fox could do to save the day.
Tawdra Kandle – “Cake By The Ocean” – Cal and Alex are excited to celebrate the woman who’s helping make their dreams of parenthood come true. But their friends and family might have another idea . . .
Kiernan Kelly – “Something To Celebrate” – Hudson is alone, has a bubbly six-year old daughter who loves unicorns and glitter, and a birthday party to throw the very next day. Enter Joe, a party planner with a killer smile, who might be the answer to all of Hudson’s problems.

We’ve been raising money at each of our events for local Habitat For Humanity chapters, and we will continue that with the proceeds from this anthology. Here are the ways that YOU can help support our charity this year by purchasing the BOOKISH BITS & BITES: CELEBRATIONS anthology…

Preferred – buying from PayHip allows the largest percentage of the purchase price to be donated.
Ebook copies are available immediately, print copies will be shipped after sales end on Feb 27th.
Barnes & Noble | Amazon | Amazon CA| Google Books | Kobo

Huge thanks go to the authors who contributed the stories for this, and to each of you who buys a copy. Please know that your support is very much appreciated.

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    Coastal Magic Convention has gone virtual for the 2022 event weekend. The BOOKISH BITS & BITES: CELEBRATIONS anthology is their way to raise money this year for their annual charity, Habitat For Humanity. Proceeds from the sales will go to a local chapter. You can find all the retail options, and info about this year’s virtual convention on the website.

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