How to Coastal Magic in the year 2021

Hi all!!

I can’t believe IT’S TIME!!!

This year’s Coastal Magic looks a lot different than previous years, but I hope you’ll find the same kinds of interesting chats, engaging authors and fellow readers, and lots of things to make you smile.

I’ve sent out some newsletters with info, and posted some Facebook posts — but I realized I hadn’t sent anything out to our blog friends!! I apologize for the oversight — but we’re right at the start, and you’ve got plenty of time to make plans to hang out with us for this virtual edition of our shindig.

Here is a listing of things to prepare you for this week (YES, we’re staring with a few things during the week… like… in 7 hours!!) and our event weekend proper.


Page with info on using Zoom, and how we’ll be inviting you to join our authors on screen to ask questions during panels. Also has info on where online to look for our panels being broadcast. (There are also links for some cool Coastal Magic merch!)

Book Signing “Event” page on Facebook — with order form links for authors who’ll be doing a live signing block on Sunday, Feb 21st. You must order via these forms in order to get the link to join the author for their live signing.

Quick link list for where you can watch our #CMCon21 content:

— our Coastal Magic Convention public Facebook page (main location for our content)
— our Authors & Attendees Facebook group page (main broadcast will be shared into here)
— our YouTube channel (our previously broadcast #CMCChats are there now, our event panels will be uploaded during and after the weekend, as time permits — subscribe for notifications when new content is added)
— the ConTinual Facebook group page (will be showing re-broadcasts of panels, and hosting some live content)

There may be some additional fun things added (I’ve got a few surprises up my sleeve), so be sure you’re keeping up with our Authors & Attendees group and our various social media platforms for any updates.

Facebook Public Page:
Facebook Authors & Attendees Group Page:

I hope you’re all excited about what’s coming up, I hope you’ll join me and all of our amazing Featured Authors for the fun discussions we’ve got planned, and I hope you have a fabulous time this week!!

**Fingers crossed we’ll be seeing you all in Daytona in February 2022!!**

One Comment on “How to Coastal Magic in the year 2021

  1. Just received my box with the Coastal Magic swag. It’s terrific! Thank you to everyone who provided the goodies and everyone who worked so hard to make this convention happen this year. I have been thoroughly enjoying everything posted so far. Hopefully next year we can see each other in person again!

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