Virtual Event Participation Info

Thanks to the generosity of our Featured Authors, the 2021 Coastal Magic Convention will not charge any registration fee! That’s right — you’ll have access to our online panel discussions, virtual meet & greets, and video book signing sessions — all for FREE!

A few pre-convention tips to having a smooth and easy virtual event with us:

  • Create a FREE profile on the Zoom platform. ( – or the Zoom site in your country.) You’ll need to be able to access a Zoom chat via the link you’ll be sent to join in, and be expected to turn off and on your mic and video at various times during the panel. Practice this with your reader friends, so you’ll be ready when the time comes!! (You can also practice this with our Reading Challenge participants, if you like — they’re a fun bunch!!)
  • Make sure you’re familiar with how to manage the audio and video on your own device or computer. For most of us, it’s a standard setting that doesn’t need to be adjusted. Test it out, though, to be sure.

How to watch panels during the convention:

– Check out the schedule of events, HERE

– You can simply tune into the Coastal Magic Convention public Facebook page (or the ConTinual Facebook group page — we’ll talk about that more in a minute) at the time the panel/activity you’re interested in starts, and you’re all set! The main broadcast page will be the only post that we’ll be able to see questions from you on — so if you’d rather watch from one of the pages that the panel will be streamed to (our Authors & Attendee Facebook group, or an author’s own page or group, you’re welcome to do so, but we wont’ see any questions you put there during the panel.) There is no registration fee or special signup just to watch the broadcasts. We hope you enjoy them and share them with your reading friends.

Ways to interact with authors ON the activity or panel:
If you’d like a chance to be on screen to ask a question of a particular panel or author — we’ll have a form for that!!

– Every morning a set of forms will be posted in the Authors & Attendees Facebook group, one for each of that day’s panels/activities (not all meet & greets will have reader interaction on-screen, check for those details each day). If you want to ask a question during a particular panel, sign up on the corresponding form with your name, your email address/FB link, and your question.

– Moderators will randomly choose a 4-5 attendees to participate, and will email them a Zoom link for the panel approx 15 minutes before start time.

– If you receive a link, you MUST be signed into Zoom and connected to the chat by the time the panel goes live. We will not be accepting connection requests once the chat has started.

– You MUST keep your mic and camera off during the first part of the panel. If necessary, the moderator will use admin tools to turn these off for you. You’ll still be able to see and hear the panel, but you will not been seen or heard yet on screen, yet. Near the end, just as we do at in-person panels, the moderator will invite each of you to ask your question, in turn.

– Definitely enjoy your time with the authors, but remember that others are waiting to ask their question, as well. Focus on the one main thing you’d like to know, so the panelists can answer you, and the others will have their chance to ask. The goal will be to get to each question during the live broadcast. If time runs out, your question may be answered after the live broadcast has ended.

– IF time permits, additional viewers may be invited to join the conversation on-screen, but there is no guarantee there will be time.

– You’re welcome to do a screencap of your time on-screen with the authors — the closest I can bring you to a “selfie” with them as you interact. 🙂

How is ConTinual involved?

ConTinual is the never-ending virtual convention that was created in response to all of the author events being cancelled in 2020 (co-founder is Featured Author Gail Z Martin!) They came to me to find out if they could help with our event, and I’ve taken them up on their generous offer. This will allow us to overlap panels (much like we would do in person) on Saturday, and give everyone some viewing options.

– Panels that will generate from the ConTinual Facebook group platform are noted in their descriptions on the schedule. They’ll also be shared through the Coastal Magic pages, but you’ll have to go to the original ConTinual post to comment or ask questions in real time.

– They’ll also be rebroadcasting some of our lead-up and Saturday panels on Sunday, in case you’ve missed anything!

So — that’s the way this is going to work. I hope you all get a chance to pop in at least once, to chat with our authors and let them know how much you appreciate them hanging out with us. I know they appreciate you being there!!

If you’d like to have a more immersive experience — you can purchase our annual Welcome Bag and have it shipped to you in time for our weekend. An attendee favorite perk, our bags will still be stocked with author/book promo, SWAG goodies, and books — all contributed by our amazing authors and their publishers!!

We also have t-shirts available to purchase. One design to add to your annual #CMCon collection (with either black or white printing), one non-year-specific, logo only design (with leggings and socks!), and one — brand new design — for our Reading Challenge! T-shirt purchase price covers your shirt, and includes a small profit that will go toward convention expenses.


Order our annual Welcome Bag, filled with book/author SWAG, promo goodies, and books.
Will be shipped to readers the first week of February, to arrive in time for our #CMCon21 event!


Annual Design

Our “official” #CMCon21 annual design. Two separate listings:
– BLACK PRINT – Shirts available for both in round or v-neck, in multiple shirt colors and sizes.
– WHITE PRINT – Shirts available for both in round or v-neck, in multiple shirt colors and sizes.
Also available on a standard size coffee cup!

Perfect to mix & match with the new logo socks & leggings!

Non-Year Logo

Coastal Magic logo ONLY, no specific year. Available in multiple colors and sizes. (Leggings and socks in this design!)

Reading Challenge Design

Show off your dedication to reading, our authors, and this year’s virtual event with our first Reading
Challenge t-shirt! Shirts available for both in round or v-neck, in multiple shirt colors and sizes.
Also available on a standard size coffee cup!

Featured Author Book Orders
& Live Signings

We’ll have live video signing sessions on Sunday, February 21st., so you can interact with the author as they personalize your pre-paid book. The signing schedule is below. The link to the author’s order form is live on their name below, or in the Facebook signing “event” HERE, where you can ask questions and interact with the authors before the signing.

10am-10:30am     Sasha Summers
10:45am-11:15am     Tawdra Kandle
12:15pm-12:45pm     Layla Reyne
1pm-1:30pm     Eric R Asher
1:45pm-2:15pm     Jeanne Adams
2:30pm-3pm     Amy Lane
3:15pm-3:45pm Sonali Dev
4pm-4:30pm     Kiernan Kelly
4:45pm-5:15pm     Hildie McQueen
5:30pm-6pm     Violet Howe
6:15pm-6:45pm Elicia Hyder
7pm-7:30pm     Tere Michaels
7:45pm-8:15pm     Dahlia Rose
8:30pm-9pm     Gail Z Martin

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