Virtual Coastal Magic Convention 2021: We have Stuff!!

Convention goers of all types will tell you there are two universal reasons for attending (there are tons more, but two that we can all agree on)… ONE: Getting to meet people we admire, whether it be guests of the event, or fellow fans… and TWO: SWAG (Stuff We All Get)!!

#CMCon21 is going to try to get you all as close as possible to that first goal (without you being as close as possible), and NOW, we have the beginning of that second goal to share!

On the Virtual #CMCon21 Info page of this site, you will find individual links to purchase our 2021 Welcome Bag (yes, it will still be filled with promo goodies, bookish novelty SWAG, and books from our Featured Authors and their publishers), and four different design styles for Coastal Magic apparel! You can also search “Coastal Magic” on the website, and all four design options will pop up.

I’m so excited to be able to offer these items to help bring attendees closer to our traditional, in-person event experience. I hope you love the designs!!! Included are the official #CMCon21 design (in black print and white print), a Reading Challenge design, and a non-year-specific logo design. I can’t wait to see everyone posting pics of themselves in their new CMCon fashion!!

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