LAST DAY To Signup For Lunch With An Author!!!!

You guys!!! This is important — please, please, please — if you are REGISTERED TO ATTEND Coastal Magic, and you are planning to have “Lunch with an Author” on Saturday, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO SELECT YOUR SEAT!


If you’ve made other plans for lunch, that’s totally fine, please disregard this announcement. However, I have to give the hotel our headcount for the lunch TOMORROW, so I have to know TODAY how many people are planning to be eating with us.

I have emailed (and will do so again), I have posted on social media, I have posted here on the blog. I’ve done everything I can think of to make sure people know that this is something they need to do. I’m going to feel HORRIBLE if/when people come to me on that Saturday because there is NO SPOT for them at the lunch. Please don’t do this. Tables will be filled and assigned, based on the list from this signup. PLEASE don’t wait, do this today, if you haven’t yet. And please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS on the signup page before you start. It’s really SUPER easy, but people aren’t reading, and I’ve had quite a few errors to correct.

Again — this is for people who HAVE REGISTERED FOR COASTAL MAGIC, and who are planning to be eating “Lunch with an Author” on Saturday.

If you have questions, please message or email me.

Thanks, everyone! See you soon!

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