Wrapping up #CMCon23

Well, folks — we did it!!
Coastal Magic Convention 2023 came and went — and so far, it seems a good time was had by all. 🙂

The “Farewell Chat”, posts on social media, and the first few feedback forms have all been so positive, and so complimentary. I’m thrilled that people seem to have had such a good time. ❤

This past week I posted some “Thank You” posts online — the first is an overall appreciation post for everyone who helped the convention get past some of the hurdles of the last couple of years. The others are all directed at specific people or groups of people who were instrumental in helping us celebrate the weekend. In case you missed them… 1st Post, 2nd Post, 3rd Post, 4th Post, 5th Post. Each one is sincere, and I hope they all realize how much they are appreciated.

Coastal Magic Convention 2023 Featured Bloggers
2023 Coastal Magic Convention Featured Bloggers

Now that we’ve all had some time to rest up a bit from our bookish shenanigans, I have a couple of finishing touches to address. 🙂

  • The link for our Attendee Feedback Form is being mailed out. If you don’t receive it on Tuesday (check your junk/spam folders, please) you can email or message Jennifer to resend.
  • As a last minute thing that made me smile – I created this shirt to commemorate our slide down the state for 2023. I’ll be archiving this design in June, when the new designs for 2024 are announced.
  • The dates for next year’s 12th annual Coastal Magic will be Feb 22-25, 2024. (Yes, back in Daytona!)
    Registration will begin, as usual, on June 1st, along with our Featured Author reveal.
  • If you have any recommendations for authors you think would be a fun addition to our Coastal Magic Featured Author lineup, feel free to add them on this form.  
  • If you are a book blogger (you don’t have to have a large following, just an active presence) who would like to be a part of next year’s Coastal Magic (doing author spotlights, helping brainstorm ideas, helping with prep for our weekend, moderating panels during the event, etc.) please fill out this short form. Thank you!

So — now — I’ll be taking a couple of weeks to regroup and recharge a bit. Then it’ll be time to start the whole process all over again!!! Now that we’ve got the “in person” part handled… I can’t wait to get back to the beach!!!

Hope to see you there!!

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