BOOKISH BITS & BITES: BEACHSIDE – #CMCon23 Charity Anthology Is Available!

A new tradition has been started within our Coastal Magic community. Even though we’ll be spending our 11th annual weekend together — we’re continuing our charity anthology collection for a third year!

“Beachside” is the theme of this year’s BOOKISH BITS & BITES anthology, and each of the stories features a nod to the sand & sea that we love so much. (And a recipe to go along with it!)

Morgan Brice: “Warm You Up”
When Simon Kincaide’s tough cop fiance Vic D’Amato catches the flu, Simon resorts to extraordinary measures— and a favorite recipe—to save the day. (Set in the Badlands series, but reads as a stand-alone.)

Katey Hawthorne: “Corpse Reviver: A Witchy Boys Bonus Story”
Matt the witch and Thackeray the demon hunter teamed up years ago–both professionally and personally–and they’ve been fighting evil together ever since. Thackeray is as solid as they come, but their latest case is hitting a little too close to home. Which is to say, there’s a kid involved. Matt can bring Thackeray around to save the kid and his family though… right…?

Tawdra Kandle: “The Royal Re-Do”
When Kyra, aka the Anti-Cinderella, decides to surprise her royal husband with romantic beach trip, she doesn’t expect the chance to recreate one of their favorite memories . . . with surprising results!

Kiernan Kelly: “Sandcastle Magic”
Josh’s livelihood hinges on his sand sculpture art. When his latest masterpiece is destroyed, a man from his past makes a reappearance and brings hope into Josh’s life, and the possibility of a magical love.

Hildie McQueen: “The Guard”
Knowing the lass would never agree to a casual tryst, Clan Ross Guard Lennox uses unkind words to keep the beautiful Aisla at arm’s length. However, when is asked to escort her, it becomes impossible to keep his distance.

Aisla does not care for the handsome guard, at least that’s what she tells her traitorous heart. Just one kiss from him dissolves all her willpower. How can she possibly keep away from him now?

A fun story of enemies to lovers!

Jailaa West: “Sandy Feet And Chasing Guppies”
Kolya Ismailov has survived a dangerous traumatic life in the Russian Mafia.

Connecting with the son he didn’t know existed for five years —is the most terrifying experience of his life.

Can one day at the beach breach the wall between them?

These are all brand new stories, from both new and existing worlds. The anthology is a limited edition and will only be available from now through the end of our convention weekend. Sales will end on February 26th.

After that point, the participating authors – Morgan Brice, Katey Hawthorne, Jailaa West, Hildie McQueen, Tawdra Kandle, and Kiernan Kelly — will reclaim ownership of their stories and may choose to release them in some form at a future date.

We’ve been raising money each year at our events for local Habitat For Humanity chapters, and we will continue to do that, along with the proceeds from this anthology. Here are the ways that YOU can help support our charity this year by purchasing the BOOKISH BITS & BITES: BEACHSIDE anthology:

PayHip (*Preferred)
Buying from PayHip allows the largest percentage of the purchase price to be donated.
Ebook copies are available immediately.

B&N EBook | B&N Print | Amazon EBook | Amazon Print | Apple Books | Kobo | Smashwords
(Links will be updated as the listings go live – sorry for the delay!)

Ebook copies are available immediately.
Print copies ordered by Feb 7th *should* arrive in time to bring them to the convention to be signed.

I plan to have a limited number of print copies available to purchase during our weekend, first come/first served, while supplies last.

Huge thanks go to each of the authors who contributed their stories.

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