Coming To #CMCon23?? We Have A Schedule For That!! :-)

It’s been a long couple of years (and couple of months, for that matter) getting here — but WE HAVE A SCHEDULE for our IN-PERSON get together!!

I’m so excited to share all the things we have planned for the weekend. Myself, and our Featured Authors, have no doubt that you’re all going to have a fantastic time. We’ve got some awesome panel discussions coming up, and lots of fun activities to finish off each of your days.

I know there are some authors who will be hosting fan meet-ups, and some attendees have been talking about making trips to the parks and/or other local destinations. Definitely keep your eyes peeled for updates here on the website, and info in the Facebook Authors & Attendees group for everything you’ll need to know to participate. ❤

For now, because I know everyone’s been waiting — here is the spreadsheet version of our schedule. I’ll be updating our “Schedule” page here on the site in the next day or two, so you’ll have that option to refer to, as well.

I’d love to hear what YOU’RE looking forward to the most!! What panels are you excited about? Will you be dressing as an alien from another planet, or sticking to your “earthling” garb for the Murder At The Nir Cantina presentation? Are you planning to hit any of the local sites? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

If you’d like to join us in Orlando… but haven’t registered yet… we’d love to see you!!
You can still register for our full weekend of shenanigans!! Registration info is HERE!

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