Coastal Magic Convention Is Proud To Host The Writing Garage’s Newest Workshop!

Are you a writer attending #CMCon23 in Orlando (published or yet-to-be published)?

The Writing Garage will be presenting a new workshop!! Don’t miss this annual lead up to our Coastal Magic Convention weekend!!

Coastal Magic and The Writing Garage present:
GUT PUNCH: Using Emotional Conflict As Plot
Thursday, Feb 23, 2023: 10am – 1pm
Registration: $35
Instructor: Tere Michaels

When we start writing, we have an idea of how our readers will react to our stories. Do we want them to laugh? Cry? Gasp? Compose angry letters in their heads because how dare we? And what is the key to making that happen in the story? We create our characters and their internal journeys with this in mind, then we place them in a plot that we hope will get the point across. (And get everyone – them and the readers – to the satisfying end of the book.)

Your plot is the vehicle your characters use to experience and move through their Arcs. The plot is how they learn and grow (fall then rise) or lose their way (rise then fall). Even if your book is about People Feeling Things, there has to be some plot that ignites the change they go through.

This workshop will discuss the ways to use Emotional Conflict – your characters’ inner life – to plot your story. How do we select the right vehicle for these characters? How do we use their internal conflicts to reflect an exterior plot to get them where they need to be? We’ll examine the difference between internal conflict and external trauma and how they can bring a reader closer to the character – or drive them away. The end goal as always is to gather the tools you need to write your best book.

You do not have to be registered for Coastal Magic Convention to attend this workshop. Coastal Magic is thrilled to host The Writing Garage each year, but the registrations are separate. We hope you stay for the full weekend experience, but it is not required.

This workshop is “mask required”. Thank you.

To register –

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