#CMCon23 Attendees: Please Check Your Email For Important Info :-)


Please check your inboxes for a very important, time-sensitive email.
It covers:

1) Info about the new hotel in Orlando, and the link to reserve your room in our group block.


2) Link to a very short registration confirmation form that I need EVERY attendee to complete.
This will let me know if you’re planning to join us in Orlando. I need accurate counts for the hotel, and for my own preparation (making badges, room counts, etc.)

Thank you all so much for your patience and enthusiasm. I can’t wait to see everyone next month!!

*** If you think you’re registered to attend, but you did NOT receive an email today, please a) check your spam/junk email, then b) email me at CoastalMagicConvention@gmail.com and we’ll figure it all out for you. 🙂 ***

One Comment on “#CMCon23 Attendees: Please Check Your Email For Important Info :-)

  1. Dear Jennifer, Breaks my heart to say this, but once again I’ll be missing Coastal Magic. I’ll be off cruising at the time. Bad scheduling on my part, I’m afraid. Oh, well, perhaps next year!

    TNT — Marc Davidson ________________________________

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