Hurricane Ian vs. The Plaza: Winner = Hurricane Ian :-(

Dearest Reader Lovelies,

Let me start by saying, everything is going to work out just fine!!

(Don’t you LOVE it when people start off like that!? Yeah, me, too. But really, it will. ❤ )

Most of you know that Hurricane Ian wreaked havoc in our area. Our host hotel did sustain some damage, but had planned to do the repair/maintenance work “in house” and move along with life and business. However, I got a phone call from our hotel rep on Monday afternoon to let me know that their inspector told them their planned work would not be enough to take care of the damage. They’ll be closing down operations for a full year, beginning November 1st, to make the required repairs and update the facility to better prepare for the future.

My conversation with our lovely rep included her assurance that their entire sales team is dedicated to placing every event they had scheduled in a suitable new home, still in the area. (Thankfully Daytona is a massive tourist location, and there are many options to explore.) She has been an absolute dream to work with up to this point, and has already given me contacts that I’ve reached out to. All of the local hotels have been informed of the situation with The Plaza, and will be working with all of us directors/organizers to make as smooth a transition as possible.

I emailed out on Monday evening, shortly after my call with our Plaza rep, and had hoped to have something in the works before I had to freak everyone out with this news. However, The Plaza has already put their notice on their website, and I didn’t want any of you worrying if/when you see it. I can only imagine how the local hotels are being inundated with events looking for homes, so it will probably take a little bit of time to get us all sorted out and settled.

Just to re-emphasize… Coastal Magic is still happening, and still happening in Daytona.
We’ll still be by the beach, and we’ll still have an awesome time with our fellow bookish peeps.

Shenanigans will still be afoot!

Based on our conversation, I’m guessing you’ll all be seeing something in email from The Plaza by November 1st, if you’ve reserved a room with them. I’ll verify that with our rep and update if necessary. When I have our new location sorted, I’ll be sure to reach out to each of you so you can reserve your new room. I’m really sorry about the inconvenience of this part, but I will do my best to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

I would appreciate any good thoughts or wishes you can spare – for myself to quickly find a fantastic spot for us – and for the staff at The Plaza, many of whom will be without work while the hotel is closed for repairs.

I’ll be posting updates as soon as I have something awesome to share. ❤

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