New #CMCon23 T-Shirt (& Other Stuff) Designs!

I’ve been teasing these for about a week or so, now — so I apologize for the delay. Sometimes technology and I have… ummm… issues, lol. BUT… we made up, and we have COOL NEW MERCH!! We’re keeping the original line logo design, since it’s kinda timeless. We’re also keeping the Rainbow and Diversity designs created in the last couple of years. Adding to those, I’m excited for you all to see the 2023 Annual Logo design, our book quote design, and our Reading Challenge design. I’m also really excited about all the new merch options that Spring (formerly TeeSpring) is offering – chief among them, masks!

Undated CMCon Logo Design
Rainbow Design
Celebrating Diversity Design

We know from previous years that the shirts are comfy and the drinkwear is sturdy. I hope you all can find something you love that will help you prepare for and remember our 2023 weekend together.

CMCon23 Annual Logo Design
CMCon23 Reading Challenge Design
CMCon23 Bookish Quote Design

You can click on the individual designs above, or just go to our “storefront” and scroll through everything we have to offer. As you continue to scroll, older items will be at the top, newer ones at the bottom, and more items will populate as you move down the page. (I’ve tried to separate them for easier scrolling, but they still get a little mixed up. Their search feature isn’t the greatest.) Be sure to check out the color options, and if you don’t see a size you need in one style of shirt, try another style. I tried to choose multiple styles to cover the widest range of sizes. Please note, I do not control what sizes are offered, if the size you need isn’t listed, I can’t change/add it. Hopefully another style will have what you need. ❤

I can’t wait to see everyone in their Coastal Magic finery, carrying their CMC water bottles, writing in their notebooks, and loading books into their brand new backpacks!! Yes — I got a little happy with the new products, lol!!

Enjoy!! 🙂

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