Coastal Magic Merch Reminder: Rainbow & New Diversity Designs

Hello all!

Just wanted to take a quick minute to remind anyone who may be interested that Coastal Magic has merchandise for sale! Each item sends a little bit our way to use for towards things during the convention weekend. (And when I say a little bit, I do mean a little bit – but it all adds up!)

I do a couple of new designs for each year (more on that in a minute) but we have a couple of designs that I’d like to highlight specifically.

Last year I adjusted our CMCon logo to include rainbow colors, in support of Pride month and our LGBT+ community family. Those items are still available. This year I was asked to include a version with shades of color to represent diversity in recognition of Juneteenth. I hope this new addition serves as a way to show our appreciation of the incredible authors, readers, and stories that bring the richness of ethnic and cultural diversity to Coastal Magic. We are a stronger community thanks to the unique gifts we all bring to share.

The merch site we use doesn’t have a great search feature, but clicking on the graphics below should take you to the pages with the items in each collection. You can also click HERE, and scroll (patiently, pages load slowly, lol) through our entire current collection.

In July, I’ll be revealing the new designs for our 2023 Coastal Magic weekend. In recent years we’ve done three options each year — one “fancy” quote or saying, one logo design, and one for our reading challenge. The plan is to do all three for #CMCon23, as well. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when those are ready to go up, and older designs come down.

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