Coastal Magic Convention 2023 Featured Author Reveal & General Registration Begins!!

It’s time to start the #CMCon23 shenanigans!! “But it’s only June 1st”, you say? Correct! June 1st marks the start of our 11th annual event “season”, as it’s become known. Between now and our official event weekend, we’ll have reading challenges, online chats, games and contests, author spotlights, and all manner of bookish tomfoolery. 🙂

For right now, the most important information for you is…

1) OUR FEATURED AUTHOR LISTING IS LIVE!! I’ll be updating the page with fancy author graphics with bios and links to web pages throughout the day, but you can see the current listing on the page in text form HERE. I’ve still got a handfull of authors to add, and will do so as they finalize their own schedules and we get them settled in. Keep your eyes open for announcements about those authors in the next few weeks.

2) #CMCON23 GENERAL REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! We’re doing the two part registration again this year, just so that it will match up with all of the registrations that are transferring from last year (before we had to go virtual). I know it’s a bit of a chore to do both steps, but I really appreciate your patience one more time. Next year, when we don’t have to worry about anything transferring or matching up reports (that’s a “me” thing, lol), we’ll go back to the easy peasy, one-step process. ❤ For all the details, check our REGISTRATION page HERE. Can’t wait to see all of you!!

3) THE READING CHALLENGE HAS STARTED!! This group of readers/attendees just absolutely blows me away with their dedication to our event, and to our authors. Whether your goal is to read something by every author before the convention weekend, or just sample a few here and there… they’ll help you find your way. They’re so much fun. You can check out all the details fo the Reading Challenge on it’s own site HERE, and you can join the Reading Challenge FB group HERE. Happy Reading!!

4) THE PLAZA RESORT & SPA: I’ll be posting the link to our custom reservations page at our host hotel next week. We’ve got a discounted rate and some cool perks, so I hope you’ll be staying with us on site. I’ll be sure to make a big noise what that’s ready, so everyone can make their arrangements.

I’ll be posting this info to our social media outlets (including our Authors & Attendees Facebook group), and sending it out in a newsletter, so I apologize all of your inboxes are full of Coastal Magic info for the next day or two, lol!!

Feel free to share posts and links with your reader friends — we’d love to see you all by the beach!

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