#CMCon22 Reading Halloweengo

Happy October, everyone!

For some easy peasy funtimes this month, I’ve created a Reading Halloween BINGO that I’ve renamed Haloweengo! Some of the items are tied to Coastal Magic Convention Featured Authors, and some are simply using holiday themes and/or characters. I hope you all have fun with it!! Here’s how to play:

1. Download/Copy/Print the Halloweengo card…

2. Mark off whichever items you complete. (ex: reading a book that matches the description, finding an IG post that fulfills the description, take a pic that completes the description)

3. To enter your completed BINGO into the contest drawing, you must…
a – post your completed BINGO card image on the social media platform of your choice with the hashtag #CMCon22Halloweengo
b – list the author/title/link of the three items that completed your BINGO (ex: If you mark off the square for a book that mentions a black cat, you would list the title/author of the book you read that mentions the black cat. If you mark the square for taking a pic of your current read with a Halloween snack, include the pic, or the link where you shared the pic.)

4. You may enter more than once, if you complete more than one BINGO. However, a book may only be used to complete ONE square on the card. (ex: You can’t use the same book for the black cat square AND for the orange cover square.) Each new BINGO would need to have it’s own post, using the hashtag and including the list of completed items. Up to 8 entries per reader. 🙂

5. Reading Halloweengo will start today (10/6/21) and go through Halloween night (11:59 PT, 10/31/21). One winner will be chosen from all qualifying entries. Winner will receive one digital copy of a book of their choice by one of our #CMCon22 Featured Authors.

6. If you’re participating in our Reading Challenge, you may also complete the form to claim one additional Activity Point after you complete your first BINGO. You’re welcome to continue playing for more Halloweengo contest entries, but the Activity Points are limited to one per reader.

If it’s easier, or you need to refer back, these instructions will be posted in our Coastal Magic Convention Authors and Attendees group, as well. If you do not use social media, you can still play along and send your completed Halloweengo card images and corresponding info to me via email to enter… CoastalMagicConvention@gmail.com 🙂

Have fun, and good luck, everyone!!

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