Wear A Little Love – #CMCon Pride Design

Pride month is almost over — but Coastal Magic has been proud to include and encourage authors who are a part of the LGBT+ community since our very first event. I’ve been doing t-shirt designs for each year for a while now, but hadn’t ever come up with a design to show our support for our LGBT+ family. Today, out of nowhere, an idea came to mind. So, so simple, and yet very obvious in it’s meaning. The LGBT+ community is a dear part of our Coastal Magic community — welcomed and appreciated.

Our Teespring shop now has this design in both dark shirt options and light shirt options (and on a few other doo-dads, if doo-dads are your thing). The shirts are priced $5 higher than our other shirts for the remainder of June. Through June 30th, all the regular profit I would normally get for the convention from the sale of these shirts, plus the additional $5, will be donated to a local (Volusia County, FL) LGBT+ youth services organization. Starting July 1st, the design will still be available, but the t-shirt price will drop down to match the other shirts on our page. (The normal profit the convention gets per shirt is only a couple of dollars, so I’m hoping the additional $5 per shirt will significantly increase the amount of donation we’re able to give, since there are only 9 days left in June.)

To see our entire shop – with designs from 2021, 2022, non-year logo items, these Pride designs, and anything I add in the future, you can click HERE. The profit from each item goes toward our event budget.

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