Stylin’ with #CMCon22 Merch!

T-shirts, and coffee mugs, and blankets, OH MY!!

Every year I try to put out a nice shirt for people to have, has an “everyday souvenir” of their weekend. Every year I get asked if I have the design on “A, B, or C” other items. Welp… this year… I probably do, lol!

I went a little merch crazy (mugs, zipper pouches, socks, fleece blankets(!), and of course, t-shirts), but I hope you love the designs, and I hope you find something that you would be happy to own and wear/use. (And I hope the prices are good for your budget!)

In addition to the #CMCon21 Virtual Convention design (left: with black print and with white print) that I was asked to leave available for a little longer, and the no-date long logo design (right: with black print and with white print) that will always be available… we have three new designs for next year’s event.

LEFT: 10th Anniversary Logo design (with the dates of all 10 events) – black print and white print

MIDDLE: Reading Challenge design – black print and white print

RIGHT: “Magic Falls Out” design – black print and white print
Full quote: “Every time you open a book, a little bit of magic falls out.”
Quote story: I found this quote looking for “bookish quotes” on Google. I loved it, so I messaged the person attributed as saying it, to make sure we could use it for the design. She said she was a teacher, and a SIX YEAR OLD from a previous year of school said it!!! How adorable is THAT!!!???
(And she graciously allowed us to use it. Thanks, Jen!)

The different styles of shirts come in different color options and sizes (some with a wide variety, some, not so much – the “classic” tee is your best bet for the widest size and color options.) And if you scroll down a bit on each of the landing pages linked above, you’ll see an option for “other products”, to see what else is offered with the design you have pulled up.

If you just want to see everything, all at once, you can visit the main Teespring store landing page, HERE.
I really tried to make things affordable and give everyone SOMETHING they could pick up. 🙂

Let me know what you think of the new designs!!

Are you a merch person?? Are you gonna grab anything to wear/use now? Something to save away for February?

4 Comments on “Stylin’ with #CMCon22 Merch!

      • Just FYI to everyone, the item descriptions are backwards for some shirts. For example, it will say “black,” but it’s the light colors, and then under “white,” it will have the black and dark colors.

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