#CMCon21 Reading Challenge is Underway!

Coastal Magic’s annual Reading Challenge is underway! The Reading Challenge is a fun way for readers to interact with each other, and with some of our Featured Authors, in the months before our weekend together. We have a separate Facebook group for chatting, posting book promo (sales and freebies), and chatting with each other and the authors. There’s also some friendly competition as readers earn points for each of the books they read, and win spots in virtual chats with authors each month.

The goal is to have read at least one book from each of our Featured Authors by the time #CMCon21 rolls around. There is a reading and spotlight schedule set, although you’re welcome to read in any order you like. And authors have given us a list of books they recommend, if you’ve never read anything by them.

In addition, participating authors are spotlighted each month, and do interactive activities ranging from posts with contests, to live chats, to interactive games!! These are open to all readers, and have been a ton of fun so far. Be sure to check out recordings from previous activities, and the schedule to see who’s coming up soon!

You can access this info and all the lists on the Reading Challenge tab of this site, and on the “Read For Bookclub” website, run by Dolorianne, who puts so much effort into making our Reading Challenge fun for everyone.

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