Coastal Magic 2020 Souvenir T-Shirt

Ladies & Gents:

In many past years, we’ve either had a t-shirt that we can all order before the convention, or an author/publisher has sponsored shirts for every attendee. This year, we didn’t have either, and it was definitely noticed, lol. So… in response to MANY inquiries (and because I love the t-shirts, too), we’re offering a Coastal Magic 2020 Souvenir T-shirt available. (Kinda like getting the concert shirt after a great show. <3)

The company doing our 2020 Souvenir T-Shirts is called Clothesline, and they did our AMAZING 2019 event shirts. They don’t usually do single orders, as they’re a bulk/corporate orders company. Unfortunately, this means their system won’t allow for individual orders the way we’re going to do them (without doing a huge programming thing, which we’re not going to ask them to do.) SO… the instructions for ordering your shirt(s) are listed below. They will be taking orders for approx 2 weeks (I’ll get you a definite end date ASAP, and will post it on our social media.) Shirts will ship out shortly thereafter.

Shirt Prices:
S-XL: $10.58 plus tax
2X: $12.18 plus tax
3X: $12.98 plus tax
4X: $13.78 plus tax

USPS Shipping is $8.50 and UPS shipping is $15

Once you get your shirt, I’d LOVE to see pics of you wearing them out and about. Pretty please, and thank you.

1) eMail – with the subject “COASTAL MAGIC CONVENTION TSHIRT” and include:
– your name
– your email
– your mailing address
– your shirt size(s)
2) Dana will reply with a payment link
3) Pay for your shirt, and shipping, via the link.
4) Receive shirt a few weeks later.
5) Post awesome pics of you in your shirt. ❤

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

2 Comments on “Coastal Magic 2020 Souvenir T-Shirt

    • Yes, very close. My normal size is a 2x, and the 2x is a close fit, but it DOES fit. I prefer the 3x, just to get a bit of wiggle room. If you like a close fit, then you should be able to stay with your regular size. They’re unisex shirts.

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