Writer’s Garage Coming To Coastal Magic 2020

We’re thrilled to start up our #CMCon20 “what to expect” posts with a program that was a huge success last year, and requested by many to return this year. The Writer’s Garage is a series of workshops focused on helping authors acquire the tools they need to write their best book. This is our only non-reader focused programming of the weekend. Workshops are lead by author and experienced instructor Tere Michaels. The Q&A panel will feature Tere, along with a selection of Coastal Magic Featured Authors who will answer questions from workshop attendees.

This year’s workshop info:

Why We Write What We Write: (And Why It Matters)

Our Writers Voice is more than how we write – it’s also about what and why we write. An understanding of our journey from consumer to creator can have a major impact on a career, no matter what stage you are at. From choosing the right genre for you, to understanding and moving around blocks to creating an authentic and unique brand, your Writers Voice is your roadmap through good times and bad, feast and famine. We will explore what excites your inner writer, how it translates into your voice and what that means for your career!
(2-hour workshop. Please bring a notebook, pen/pencil and at least two different color highlighters.)

Author Panel: Join us for a tell-all chat as we answer your pertinent questions about craft, taking your writing to the next level and having a game plan for the future! Panelists: Tere Michaels, Hildie McQueen, Karen Rose
(1 hour, Please bring your questions!)

Writer’s Garage will take place on Thursday afternoon, 12pm – 3pm, Feb 20, 2020. This program is not included in the Coastal Magic Convention registration, and requires a separate ticket ($25) that can be purchased HERE. When purchasing your ticket, please include your name and email address on the “notes” section of the page.

I’m excited to be able to bring this opportunity to authors who will be attending Coastal Magic, or who will be in the area and just attending this program. Huge thanks goes to Tere for offering to make her services available again this year, and to each of the authors who’ll be participating in the Q&A panel. (Watch for those names to be announced soon!)

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