Coastal Magic 2018 Featured Blogger Introductions!!

Hello everyone!!

Can you believe it’s already time to start making posts about 2018’s Coastal Magic!!?? Well, the ball’s been rolling here for a couple of months, and now it’s time to start with the sharing! There are (as you can imagine) still a lot of things to work out, but one of the first goals we have is to select a group of Featured Bloggers who will be fun, interactive, and informative. These are the peeps who’ll be bringing you the monthly Featured Author spotlights, participating in some fun social media events, and will be moderating panels during Coastal Magic in February. (There is a LOT more, but those are the things you’ll actually get to see… they’ll all be helping “behind the scenes” too. Honestly, Coastal Magic wouldn’t happen without our Featured Bloggers!)

So… here is the 2018 Coastal Magic Featured Blogger listing. Please check out each of their blogs… follow or subscribe, so that you’ll get all the posts and updates they’ll be sharing. You’ll also see them in the Coastal Magic Convention Authors & Attendees Facebook group, so please say Hi & welcome them aboard! A few of these ladies you’ll recognize, and a few will be with us for the first time… I’m so excited!!

 Jackie & Casey

Literary Escapism






SA logo - large 4.5.12











So there you have it. These are the peeps who’ll be helping me in the coming months, as we pull together all the crazy odds & ends that become Coastal Magic. I really can’t wait to work with all of them, as they each bring something fun and unique to our convention family.

Our next announcement will be our Featured Authors lineup!!! That’ll come on June 1st, as usual (Although… there *might* be a sneak peek in our very first monthly newsletter, which will slide out a wee bit early, on May 31st!!! If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do that RIGHT HERE!!) We’ve also got a SUPER COOL contest coming up in June! Look for details on that in the newsletter, and with our Featured Author announcement!!

So… that’s it for today. Come hang out with us in the FB group, things always get chatty in the summertime. You’ll find me, and the bloggers, along with some of our authors, involved in book/convention discussions and group shenanigans.

Until next time… Happy Reading!!

3 Comments on “Coastal Magic 2018 Featured Blogger Introductions!!

  1. How do you choose the blogs? I follow one listed, and have heard of one other. The other bloggers are unknown to me; haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere before, not on BlogLovin or WordPress that I know of, so how do you find them and pick them for Coastal Magic? Curious minds…

    • Well… six of them have been Featured Bloggers in previous years, one has been with us all six years. The other four are new for us this year. At the beginning of April, I open submissions for any blogger who’s interested, and I make choices from the bloggers who contact me.

      • Ahhh. I see. I’m excited for the event and hope to be able to attend in 2018. I didn’t realize you have had so many conventions! I’m relatively new to the whole world of book blogs, cons, and signings and such, and I’m still not exactly “hip” with anything online. I’m *ahem* old(er) than most romance readers I’m sure. My Kindle Fire is my laptop, lol. Thanks for explaining how the reviewers are picked.

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