Lunch With An Author Signups Start At 8:00PM!!

It’s almost TIIIIIIIIIME!!!! The Lunch with an Author is a fun, relaxed way to get in a little extra chat time with our Featured Authors. Below are a few things to keep in mind before/while you make your selection in 30 minutes…

  1. The process will go faster if you’ve already signed into the page. Just go to (if you don’t already have an account) to create your login. Then, you’ll be ready to go tonight when the link goes live.16344339_10154092667477407_1756123711_n
  2. Please be sure to have a list of three or four authors you’re interested in spending your lunch with. Some authors will have their spots fill up almost immediately. This happens every year. While I understand that everyone has favorites, I also hope that we have enough fabulous authors in attendance that each of will have a long list to choose from.
  3. You might consider selecting an author that you’ve never read, or someone you’re not familiar with. This is a great time to find new authors to add to your TBR lists!! And you never know, you just may start some fun new friendships.
  4. Authors will NOT be bringing any giveaways for the lunch groups. The focus here is spending time with each other and chatting. There are many other opportunities during the weekend for authors to share swag or goodies.
  5. ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE PERSON AT A TIME. Space is limited, and the goal is to give everyone a fair chance to select their “wish list” authors. One person claiming all of an author’s spots for their friend group negates that goal. If you MUST sign up someone else (they’re unable to sign up themselves, etc.), you will have to complete your own signup, then do your friend’s separately. This means you may not get to sit with your book buddy or group. Look at it as an opportunity to get to know multiple authors, then swap stories about your lunchtime conversations.

That should be it. It’s a super simple process, but if anyone has any questions, just let me know. Keep your eyes peeled for the link to be posted in 30 minutes, at 8pm eastern. HAVE FUN!!!

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