Hey There!! How Are You??

HelloHi all!!

It’s been a little bit quiet on the surface around here… so I wanted to just check in with everyone and let you all know what’s happening in CoastalMagicLand 🙂

While our Hilton event rep and I had already talked about, and agreed upon our dates for next year’s Coastal Magic weekend, today I signed our official contract. So now you are all stuck with us for another year, for real! We’re already in the process of setting up our reservation block, and I’ll have that link ready to go at the same time our registration starts, on July 1st. Our room rate will be $135/night (plus tax & fees) for the standard king/double queen, and $245/night (plus tax & fees) for the suites. We’ll also have the discounted SELF parking (not valet), and our resort fee (which includes the room’s wifi charges) will be waived. We filled up our reserve block of rooms super quickly this year. Unfortunately, the only thing I can say about that is to book your room as early as you can (but PLEASE do not get a room unless you are SURE you’ll be attending).

We’re almost ready to announce our awesome team of Featured Bloggers!! If you’ve attended Coastal Magic in the past, a few of the faces will be familiar to you, but we’ve got some really cool new-to-us bloggers in our group, too. I’m excited for us all to work together, and share our fantastic Featured Authors with all of you.

And speaking of Featured Authors… we’ve got some, lol. I know, I know… everyone wants names. But I’m not spilling those until June… as per usual. I haven’t decided how we’ll be doing our Featured Author reveals this year just yet, but it’ll be fun, and full of awesome names, regardless. Keep your eyes peeled for some returning favorites, along with some first timers that you’re bound to love.

Keep in mind that our General Registration will open on July 1st. Because Coastal Magic’s primary goal is giving authors and readers an occasion and a place to hang out, we keep the attendance small(ish). We’ll cap our total at 300, so if you’re interested in joining us, be sure to get your registration early. We’re also going to have the option for people to volunteer on-site (only an hour or two), since so many have asked about “helping out”, so watch for that opportunity, as well. (And THANK YOU!)

Damon Suede and I have already started our search for next year’s Cinema Craptastique movie. There are SO. MANY. OPTIONS.!!! Rest assured, we’ll have something entertaining, yet snarkworthy, for your viewing and live-tweeting pleasure.

I’ve also thought of a few theme ideas for our Friday night dance/mixer. This year’s “Day of the Dead” theme went over very well. From the simple flower in your hair (or attached to your lanyard, lol), to the full makeup and costume, people seemed to really enjoy it. I’ll narrow down my thoughts, and maybe we’ll have a vote later in the year. What do you think of that?

Ok… I think that’s about it for now. I just wanted to say hi… (Hi!!!)… and make sure you all haven’t forgotten about us. We’ll be doing a little more noise-making in the coming months. Is there anything you all need to tell me? Have any suggestions or ideas I should hear? Now’s a great time to speak up… and we’ve got a contact page just waiting for your thoughts. 🙂

Hope you’re all well, and I hope we’ll be seeing you by the beach next February!!


3 Comments on “Hey There!! How Are You??

  1. Hey, You didn’t put the actual dates in the emal, just that it’s February. I need dates to get the time off

    Wendy Thorpe 

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