Lunch with an Author Selection Info


Starting now, and running through January 31st, if you have registered for the full 2016 Coastal Magic Convention, or a Saturday daily pass, you can follow the link below to sign up for your “Lunch with an Author”.

Lunch with an Author – Signup Genius Page

These selections are finalized in the order they are received, and some Featured Authors are sure to fill their spaces very quickly. Please have a few authors in mind (or select the “choose an author for me” option, for a chance to get to know someone “new to you”). Your selection is not final until you see the “confirmation” screen. You should then see your name on the listing for the author of your choice. Until this happens, you have not locked in your selection.

****Important**** These selections will act as your RSVP for the lunch, and will be how I get our final lunch tally for the hotel. If you do NOT make a selection, I will assume you have non-convention plans for lunch that day, and will not include you in our count. (This is fine, of course, if you have friends/family meeting you in the area, or you would just rather have your meal elsewhere.)

If you are selecting an author for someone else — you will need their name (the name they’ll have on their badge) and their email. After you process your own selection, simply start the process again to make their selection. Each person should have their own, individual signup. (Any duplicate signups will cause BOTH listings to be deleted, so please be sure your other person isn’t doing their own signup.) I will be verifying the signup list against our attendee roster throughout this week.

This lunch is always a fun part of the Coastal Magic weekend. I’m excited to see everyone!!


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