Goodbye 2015 —> Hello 2016! Day 4 – A Habit I’d Like To Break In 2016


Hello all!! I thought it might be fun to have some of our Featured Authors join us for a few “end of the year” posts. Each day this week, we’ll have a new topic. Some days one author will fill the post, some days, we’ll have a few different authors sharing their thoughts. Some of the Featured Bloggers are even getting in on the fun.

Here are our topics for the week: be sure to check back (or subscribe – that would be easier 🙂 ) to see what our authors (or maybe even their characters) have to say about each day’s theme.

Monday: Book I’m Most Looking Forward To In 2016 (NOT My Own!)
Tuesday: Favorite Line (and Why) From My OWN 2015 Title 
Wednesday: Something I’d Like To Learn To Do In 2016
Thursday: Habit I’d Like To Break In 2016
Friday: A Toast To The New Year

We’ve got Tigris Eden joining us here today, and Jan DeLima is chatting (and giving books away) over at Literal Addition Paranormal Book Club!


Thank you Jenn for having me on the blog today!

So I was asked to blog about a Hard Habit I’d like to BREAK in 2016…..

For me personally, I’d like to break the habit of cutting down on my sugar intake. I’ve recently gone on this health-kick journey. I know there are tons of substitutes out there for sugar. But I will be the first to admit I don’t TRUST it! NOT ONE BIT! J I don’t want Splenda, The Pink Packets, or the Blue Packets. I don’t like the word artificial, and I’m trying to eliminate that from my eating habits as well. Which is a tough one considering that most everything we eat has an artificial something or another. I might as well move to a farm and grow my own products and eat it right?

So what am I doing to cut down on my sugar intake. Natural substitution. That’s how… In somethings I eat, it’s a win-win. Like Tea and honey, or even oatmeal and honey.  What it doesn’t taste good in is baking products. HAHAHAH have you tried baking a cake and subbing the sugar for honey? (No I haven’t either) but if you think it works let me know! It doesn’t pose a pretty picture for me. Or at least in my head it doesn’t.

That is my hardest habit to break for 2016…


And speaking of indulging/over indulging, lol..8221284.

The first book in a New Series by Author Tigris Eden, join the men of a post-apocalyptic New York City, as they over indulge in their vices.


So… who’s in the boat with Tigris? Anyone else looking to cut out some sugar in the new year? Anyone have any yummy tips or tricks to share? We’d love to hear them. And good luck, everyone!!

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