Goodbye 2015 —> Hello 2016! Day 1: Book I’m Most Looking Forward To…


Hello all!! I thought it might be fun to have some of our Featured Authors join us for a few “end of the year” posts. Each day this week, we’ll have a new topic. Some days one author will fill the post, some days, we’ll have a few different authors sharing their thoughts. Some of the Featured Bloggers are even getting in on the fun.

Here are our topics for the week: be sure to check back (or subscribe – that would be easier 🙂 ) to see what our authors (or maybe even their characters) have to say about each day’s theme.

Monday: Book I’m Most Looking Forward To In 2016 (NOT My Own!)
Tuesday: Favorite Line (and Why) From My OWN 2015 Title 
Wednesday: Something I’d Like To Learn To Do In 2016
Thursday: Habit I’d Like To Break In 2016
Friday: A Toast To The New Year

Today’s guest Featured Author is Jade Lee. Great book recs here, AND a cool giveaway!!



So the rules of this blog state that the book can’t be my own. Well, that’s obvious because I’ve already read my 2016 books. Don’t need to do it again. (God no! By the time a book is published, I’ve read it a zillion times and am sick of it). But there are books that I’m really excited about coming to my grasping fingers and hungry eyeballs. (Was that a gross as I think? Sorry!) Guess what they are… (and btw, the answer can be all of the above, none of the above, or some combination.)

  1. I recently went on a spiritual retreat and was encouraged to read The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. I finished it in a weekend and am now looking forward to The Alchemist, his most famous book. I know it was published years ago, but it’s new to me, so it qualifies.
  2. I’m a big fan of Julie Ann Walker’s books, especially the Black Knight Inc. series. Hot special forces guys riding motorcycles and bottling up their emotions. Until some feisty woman teaches them that it’s okay to feel because the best feeling of all is love. They’re great reads when I want to fall into adventure, alpha males and hot sex. Book #9 Wild Ride is coming in the fall. I can’t wait! Check out Julie’s website.
  3. A paranormal titled DIS-Possessed by Kathy Grail which I may or may not be writing sometime really soon under a new penname. Because who doesn’t want a FOURTH penname?
  4. The Dreaming Hunt, book 2 of the Dragon Crest fantasy series by Cindy Dees. I got to read The Sleeping King ARC (book 1 of the series) when it released in hardcover this fall. Great fantasy! A band of kids embark on a series of mishaps and adventures that may—or may not—save a kingdom from the evil Koth empire! In grand fantasy style, they’re only a third of the way through at the end of book 1. So book 2 continues their mis/adventures. It’s really quite fun and book 2 will be out this September! Here’s a link to her video trailer.
  5. Everything I pick up. One of my New Year’s resolution is to take more time to read. I’ve got stacks of books that I really am looking forward to. I’ve had a crazy year and the next one probably won’t be any less nuts, but my favorite times have been when I’ve settled down and allowed myself to relax with a good book. Forget TV. That’s what I do when I’m too tired to think. But it’s not a nourishing to my soul as falling into a good book. So that’s what I’m going to do a lot of next year. I can’t wait!

Answer: Everything but #3. I do look forward to what I’m going to write next year, but a new penname is not on the horizon for me. I hope not, at least. Am I thinking about a demon book? Yes. But I think about a lot of things including things like can a grizzly bear shifter and a wolf shifter mate and produce a new kind of furry hybrid? Or does the baby come out simple human?

Jade Lee Dec 28 GraphicSo now it’s your turn. What books are you looking forward to? And it can be any book you’re looking forward to reading whether published in 2016 or earlier. (Or later if that’s what you want!) One lucky commenter will get my four Bridal Favors books by Jade Lee plus a mousepad! And if you hate historical, Kathy Lyons will come to your rescue, but we’ll have to talk about what you want. But you have to comment to have a chance at winning! And while you’re at it, check out my newest books: One Rogue at a Time by Jade Lee and Seducing the Skeptic by Kathy Lyons.

One Comment on “Goodbye 2015 —> Hello 2016! Day 1: Book I’m Most Looking Forward To…

  1. I’ve already got a list a mile long of upcoming to-read books. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the last book in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, because I need Gideon & Eva closure I guess. Also, Santino Hassell’s next book in the Five Boroughs series. And so many more.

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