I Wrote A Little Thing… About Conventions

Hello there!

Just wanted to pop in for a second to share a link to a post I did today, over at CoffeeTime Romance’s blog, Coffee Thoughts. It’s about — you guessed it — conventions! 🙂

I talk about what I (and a few others you might recognize) think about author/reader events, and where to find some cool stuff happening near you. At the end, I do a little plug for Coastal Magic, so I hope it encourages some new people to come hang with us!


I’d love it if you took a peek, (just click the image above) and if you’re up for it, leave a comment with answers to the questions at the end of the post. I’ll be checking in from time to time, during breaks from trying to sort out our 2016 schedule!

Hope you enjoy it!

2 Comments on “I Wrote A Little Thing… About Conventions

  1. Great post! Is there some reason why my name isn’t on the list posted there?

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