Community + Coastal Magic (#CMCon16) = Fun Times

Thanks to a suggestion from another event director (Casey, from Reading Until Dawn Con), I’ve just posted my first Community post on!! I’m planning a series of con related posts, starting with the one today about event directing. Some will be funnier than others, but I hope they’re all entertaining. My next post will include some quotes from a few of our Featured Authors… so keep your eyes open for that (probably one day next week.) Here’s a link to today’s post…


I’ve got two goals with these posts. First, I think it’s a fun idea, and I hope people get a kick out of them. Second, I’m hoping to reach some new readers, and let them know about Coastal Magic. Here’s hoping that the Community editors choose one of my posts to be featured on their main page… or better yet, send over to Buzzfeed Books!!

Regardless, I hope you all have fun looking through the posts, and the gifs that will go along with each. I’d love to see your comments on the posts!!

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