Some July Coastal Magic (#CMCon16) News & Updates

Hello, everyone!!

It’s been a few weeks since I ran around, flailing and shooting off the confetti canons (figuratively, of course… or were they?) to announce our 2016 Coastal Magic general registration had begun. I appreciate all of you who didn’t unfollow/unfriend my social media accounts during all of the excited posting. I also appreciate all of you who registered to come hang out with us in February. Our lineup of Featured Authors is really quite amazing, and we’re going to have a blast!


I have a couple of quick notes to share, for both our registered attendees, and for those of you who are considering spending the weekend with us in Daytona.

First – In case you missed it… REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! Yeah, I know I already mentioned it, but I’m excited! If you haven’t checked out what you can expect with your registration… there is info for you on THIS PAGE.

Second – Unfortunately, our room block at the Hilton has filled. I’ll be updating the HOTEL/TRAVEL page of our site if/when more rooms open up for us. As of right now, there are still rooms available in the Hilton, but they’re not at our discounted rate. I just added a listing of other, nearby hotels for those who want to stay close, but don’t mind being off-site.HotelsNearHilton

Third – We’re going to be doing a Facebook event towards the end of August, hosted by some of our awesome Featured Authors. I’ll share more details soon, but there will be shenanigans and prizes. Keep an eye out for that, and other fun online events (we’re planning things for Twitter and/or Instagram, as well!) in the next few months.

Fourth – Part of the reason Coastal Magic was created is that I LOVE GOING TO CONVENTIONS! Big events, small events, I love them all. I can’t afford to go to all the conventions that I’d *like* to, but I get to as many as I’m able. In an effort to help other readers find out about author/reader events in Florida, I started a Facebook Group called Florida Book Events & Signings. There’s a spreadsheet file posted in the group with all the Florida conventions I know about through 2016, and I’m always on the lookout for more. I’ll list any convention or booksigning, whether it’s single or multi-author, that I find out about. I think it’ll be a fun place for readers to hang out and chat about events they’ve been to, and learn about all the opportunities we have in Florida to meet & hang out with other book lovers and authors. In case you’re wondering… next up for me is Indie BookFest this weekend! There are quite a few groups out there with information on conventions around the country/world, in case you’re not in Florida (or within driving distance). A couple of other events I’m looking forward to are Reading Until Dawn Con, in Denver this October, and Rust City Book Convention, in Detroit in August 2016. I’d love to hear about some events YOU have planned to attend!! (And if they’re in Florida, be sure to join the FB group and let us know to add them to our list!)

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Watch for more info about our August Facebook event, and maybe even a few more author announcements! (If you haven’t joined the Coastal Magic Convention Authors & Attendees Facebook group, you really should. Fun chats happening over there… and sometimes news will hit there before I get a blog post up for it!)

I can’t believe it’s only 6 months until February!! See you all in Daytona!!

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