#CMC15 Wrap-up: WOW, WOW, WOWZA!!

You guys sure know how to throw a party!!!


I say that because this weekend would have just been me, standing around looking at an empty hotel without you. Even though I begged and pleaded to get many of you all here, I’m SO glad that didn’t happen!!! EACH OF YOU brought something amazing to our shindig, and EACH OF YOU made it fantastic!!!

Featured Authors… you guys are ROCKSTARS!!! I know you’ve heard it before, but it’s TRUE!! You are, quite literally, the reason this event even happens. Every year you guys show up and make each of us feel special and valuable. It’s a dream come true for some, a meetup with old friends for others, but you make it great for all of us. Thank you SO much for your stories and your time.

Featured Bloggers… you guys worked your butts off, and I appreciate EVERY one of you!!! Thank you for all your promo/prep before this weekend. Thank you for helping get things ready to go on Thursday. Thank you for keeping the panels on track and interesting for both the authors and the readers. Thank you for your support of me, and my crazy ideas. Thank you for your friendship.

Readers… you are my people!! You’re enthusiastic, you’re appreciative, and you’re what makes this event so much fun to do. I love being able to get readers and authors together to hang out! Thank you for being a part of this crazy brain-child of mine. And even though he wasn’t with us this year, I will thank James R Tuck EVERY year, because he was the one who encouraged me to start this. Thanks, James!!

Now… after I’ve slept for a week and fangirled over all the goodies in my welcome bag… I’m going to post reader and author feedback forms (via google, so watch for a link to access later this week). Here is where you get to let me know what you loved about Coastal Magic, and what you didn’t love. I want to continue doing things that you all enjoy, but there’s no point in doing something over and over again if you don’t. This is my way of making sure the convention grows and improves in the ways it needs to, in order to make things better for ALL of us. I’m looking for honest feedback, both good and bad. I’m not fishing for overly-gushy compliments, and I’d rather not be attacked for mistakes… somewhere in the middle would be lovely. 🙂

If you were with us, there is a post on our Facebook page where you can add links to your Coastal Magic pictures! You can link to FB albums, IG, twitter, or tumblr feeds. I only ask that you not make repeated single picture posts, just to keep things uncluttered on the thread. I would LOVE to see everyone’s pictures!!! (I just can’t ever seem to get many, myself, so help me out here, lol!!)

OH OH OH OH OH!!!! YOU GUYS DONATED $431 TO HABITAT FOR HUMANITY!!! That is crazy cool, and I can’t thank you all enough for supporting a charity that means so much to me. Thank you to the authors and bloggers who donated baskets. Thank you to the attendees who bought extra tickets, even though they had free chances to win, already. You guys are SO awesome!!! I’ll be taking our donation over to my local H4H office later this week. ❤

For those who are considering a return trip in 2016. Coastal Magic will most likely be Feb 4-7. Yes, I am aware that the Super Bowl is that Sunday. I have plans for you, my lovelies… I have plans. *wrings hands together* I’m also checking out other venues that might be closer to larger airports. So far I’m not finding anything I like better than where we are, so location is TBD. Unless I find something that really wows me, we’ll be in the same place.

Our typical schedule of “important dates” is:

  • May 1st – Featured Blogger announcement
  • June 1st – Featured Author announcement
  • July 1st – General Registration begins

Ok… I think that’s it for now. Keep an eye out on this blog, and on our social media pages, for the feedback link. I’ll also be looking for wrap up posts from anyone who attended. I’ll collect those links onto our media page.

Thanks for another fantabulous weekend, everyone. You’ve made me one very lucky, very tired, but very happy girl.

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