Coastal Magic 2015 – Last Calls & Updates

7 days… 7 DAYS!!!


First: Authors and bloggers who’d like to send things for our welcome bags… I need your stuff by Tuesday night, the 3rd, because I’ll be heading to the hotel the afternoon of the 4th. Items could still arrive before I leave on the 4th, but deliveries are sporadic, at best, and I’d hate to miss something you’d spent time and money putting together to send. Anyone who needs my address can email me at CoastalMagicConvention at gmail dot com.

Second: Yes, single and multiple day registrations ARE still available!! If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a weekend, we’d love to have you!! We do still have hotel rooms available in our reserve block at the Hilton, but they are regular price. (That means, grab a friend and split the cost!! This is a great book club field trip!!) Info is on the “Hotel” tab above.

Third: LUNCH WITH AN AUTHOR!!! If you’ve registered (through EventBrite or through Paypal) for the weekend, or for Saturday, you’re eligible to have lunch with one of our awesome Featured Authors next Saturday!! Reader spots with each author are going to fill up REALLY fast, so I want EVERYONE to have fair warning about when selections will start. Next Saturday, Jan 31st, at noon eastern, the EventBrite ticketing system will go live and you’ll be able to select the author you’d like to have lunch with. There will be three spaces available for each author, so be ready at noon to select your favorite.

Tips to keep in mind if your first choice author’s table is full. All authors will have time at the ends of panels, and most are doing a meet & greets during the weekend, so you WILL have other chances to interact with them. Consider choosing a “new-to-you” author to chat with during your lunch. You never know… you may just find a new favorite author next weekend!!

I’ll post a link on the convention’s social media (twitter and facebook) when the ticketing goes live. *NOTE* This meal is included in your registration cost, so there is no fee. HOWEVER, if you choose an author and you have NOT registered, your selection will be deleted without notification. I will be verifying every request against our guest list.

Fourth: Please remember that we will not be having a separate bookseller this year. Authors will have various print books available for purchase, and many will have ebook sale info and signing ability. Please support our fantastic group of authors by buying books at the signing, and limiting books brought from home to 5 total. Thank you!!! If authors sell out of their stock, most will have swag available, and all would still love to meet you!

The booksigning is FREE, as always, and open to both convention attendees AND the public. If you’re not able to join us for the whole weekend, we’d still love to see you for the signing. Grab your book loving friends and come say hi!!

Fifth: I asked this in the Coastal Magic Convention: Authors & Attendees facebook group, but I’ll ask here, too… what songs would YOU like to hear at the mixer on Saturday night?? I’m looking for fun party songs… stuff you can sing along to… stuff you can dance to. I’m putting together a playlist 🙂 Leave songs/artists you love in the comments below. Thanks!!

Sixth: Vendors – We’ll have a handful of really interesting vendors again this year. Jewelry, novelties, and promotional services that are bound to catch your attention. Keep this in mind when planning out your budget for the weekend, and be sure to check out the art and expertise they have to share.

Ok, everyone… I’m heading back to my convention-prep-cave. I can’t wait to see all of you soon!!!

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