Single Day Registrations and LEGEND OF HERCULES!!!

Well hello there!!

Time is rolling along, and whether I’m ready or not, February 5th will be here SO SOON!!!

*flails madly*

A couple of quick notes and updates for everyone…

1 – Single (and multiple) day registrations are available… check out the info on the registration page.


2 – The itinerary is posted on the schedule page. There are still a few updates that are likely to be added (meet & greet themes, etc.), but you should be able to start planning out your weekend. There is a noticeable absence of the Supernatural Lasertag activity. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to include it this year, so those who planned to do that will be receiving refunds for those tickets. We’re hoping to bring lasertag back next year, though! You can check out the full schedule here.

3 – We’re thrilled that our Cinema Craptastique movie night is returning!!! Check out our selection, your hosts for the evening, and the rest of the details (how to participate in person, and at home) on our FB event page here. (Think MST3K, Coastal Magic style!!)

CinemaCraptastique15Promo34 – Lunch with an Author – We’ll be opening this up to requests the last week of January. Hopefully we’ll be close enough tot he event that we can avoid cancellations and reassignments. Requests for a particular Featured Author will be filled on a first come, first assigned basis. More details coming very soon!!

5 – We will not have a full time bookseller at the event this year, so the number of books allowed from home (to take into the signing) has been increased to 5. Please consider purchasing books from the authors that day (they’ll be bringing their own books to sell) to thank them for coming to hang out with us!! Most will be able to process credit card sales, but bringing cash may make things easier for some, and speed up the process.

Ok… I think that’s it for now.

I’m so excited to see our returning Featured Authors and readers, and am definitely looking forward to meeting all the new people. We’re gonna have a blast!! See you all soon.

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