An Abundance of Riches

12414_42-49479165YOU GUYS!!!!! Holy word of mouth, Batman!!!

I can’t tell you how happy I am that everyone has been having such a good time at Coastal Magic. I know there are things that can be improved. I’m working hard to fill requests from this year, and make adjustments that will help each year better than the one before.

Right now I’m in the very cool, yet somewhat awkward position of saying… “WAIT… STOP… HOLD THE PHONE”!!

Between the authors I’ve emailed about attending next year… and those who have emailed me… I am OVERLOADED with authors!!! Now… not everyone has agreed/has been approved to be a Featured Author. But we’re getting really close to having TOO MANY COOL AUTHORS!!! Bet you never thought you’d see THAT statement, lol!!

The fact is… if I feature too many authors, then each will only get to be on one panel, and Meet & Greets, or author/reader meals will lose their “intimate” feel. We have to keep a good author to reader ratio in order to make our little shindig work.

So… if you’re an author who’s received an email from me… or if you’ve emailed me and I’ve already responded to you… we will certainly continue our discussions. If you are an author who sends me a request to participate from this point on… chances are you’ll be put on a waiting list. This is the list I’ll go to if a Featured Author cancels at some point before next February. I’ve pulled from the wait list each of the last two years… so it’s not a bad place to be… especially if you’re planning to attend as a reader, anyway.

I am SO lucky, and it’s such an amazingly odd “problem” to have. I would LOVE to include everyone, but that’s just not possible (keep in mind, if you’re an author who is attending as a reader, we can probably make a place for you at the charity signing). I LOVE that the word is spreading about Coastal Magic, and that more people are interested in participating, but that means spots are filling up faster.

Thank you ALL for your enthusiasm, and for your patience.

I’m hoping to post (with very few exceptions) the completed list of Featured Authors on June 1st. General registration will begin on July 1st.

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