2015 – It has begun :-)

2015_year_poster-rf34a718e6a9545deb6a3505b4749988d_i0j_8byvr_512No, I know it’s not 2015 RIGHT NOW… but believe it or not, the ball has begun a-rollin’ for the 2015 Coastal Magic event. It actually started back in March. It takes a LONG time to put together a shindig this cool 🙂

I have to say, the word of mouth has been AWESOME, and I’m so proud that people are talking about Coastal Magic as a fun event to attend. Every time someone emails me and says “so-and-so said they had such a good time, and that I had to get in touch with you”, it makes me smile. I know there are a LOT of really great events out there, thank you to EVERYONE who spends their hard earned money, and so precious time to come hang with us!!

So… just a quick update for those who are wondering. We will be back at the Hilton for the 2015 event. Featured Authors have already started registering, and general registration will begin on July 1st. I’ll post the Featured Author list on June 1st. There’s a chance it could change a bit after that, depending on author circumstances, but it should be pretty close to final at that point. Heck… it’s pretty close to full at THIS point. The interest has been fantastic and spots have been filling up like crazy. I’m actively working to fulfill some of the requests from attendees’ feedback forms after this year’s event. Keep your fingers crossed, guys. 🙂

One thing I do need some help with is Featured Bloggers. I have a core group of bloggers who have been with me from the beginning. They’ll be returning, but I need a few new faces. If you’re a blogger who features urban fantasy and paranormal romance on your site, and you’re interested in participating as a Featured Blogger at next year’s Coastal Magic, please email me at CoastalMagicConvention at gmail dot com. You don’t have to have the largest, most popular blog to be considered. You just have to be creative and dedicated to spreading the word about good books!

OH!!!! I almost forgot… have you all met Gregory?? He’s the new addition to our header, and I just love him. I have some other small website design changes coming in the next few months. Everything should be all redone and updated by the time general registration starts in July. Gregory will also be on our shirts! Yes, I’ve decided to make t-shirts available to purchase once registration begins. I’m still working on the design, but our logo, and Gregory, will both be there.

Ok… I think that’s about it for now. If you have any questions, leave them in comments and I’ll answer them as much as I’m able. Thanks, again, to everyone who’s planning to come to Florida next February. I can’t wait to see you all!!


3 Comments on “2015 – It has begun :-)

  1. So will the meet & greets be at the same time as the panels? I’m hoping not since I want to attend panels & meet & greets as well. I feel odd walking in after authors begin talking. Any info on this would help out. 🙂

    • I’m working on adjusting the schedule so that panels and meet & greets alternate time slots. However… there will still have to be multiple panels happening at once… I suggest investing in a time turner, lol 🙂

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