Coastal Magic Convention: “Secret Santa” Blog Hop Contest

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays, my lovely reader friends!! Now that Thanksgiving has passed (and while we’re all trying to fit back into our clothes after yesterday’s dinner) it’s time to start passing out presents!!! Ok, maybe not ALL the presents, but how about some virtual “Secret Santa” presents to our favorite characters in the urban fantasy and paranormal romance world, and some very real convention registrations for two of YOU!!

That’s right. One blog hop commenter will win free registration to the 2014 Coastal Magic Convention in Daytona Beach, Florida, in February. A second winner will win registration to the 2015 event!! This is a weekend full of fun panels, meet & greets and face time with some of your favorite authors in the UF/PNR genre. Over 50 authors will be featured, and you’ll be surrounded by fellow book lovers.

A few of the participating blog hosts are Featured Bloggers for the Coastal Magic Convention, and a few are Featured Authors. Be sure to ask them questions or leave them comments about the con if you’re curious about it, or if you’re planning to attend. They’ll be thrilled to hear from you!! To find a list of confirmed Featured Authors and other information about Coastal Magic, be sure to check out the website.


In addition to the two overall, grand prize winners… some of the blogs will be featuring individual prizes, so keep an eye out for those as you’re checking out the other stops on the hop!!

Here’s how to enter:

1 – The ENTIRE urban fantasy and paranormal romance world is yours to choose from. Imagine every name in a giant Santa hat… whose name do YOU pick?? List that person’s name, what book they’re from, and what gift you would give them in the comments section of this blog.

2 – Click on the Rafflecopter link and complete the entry tasks you’d like to participate in. The ONLY mandatory entry is your “secret santa” comment, but there are a few other ways to get extra entries. (just a few, I promise 🙂 )

3 – Visit other blogs on the list between today and December 6th to play again!

So… easy peasy, right?!? I’m excited to see who each of you chooses!!!

GOOD LUCK, everyone!! Let the season of giving begin!!

Click Here To Enter The Coastal Magic Convention “Secret Santa” Blog Hop Contest

Participating Blogs:

13 Comments on “Coastal Magic Convention: “Secret Santa” Blog Hop Contest

  1. I’m going to pick Mercedes Thompson. She’s in the Mercy Thompson series written by Patricia Briggs. Since she’s a mechanic who works on Volkswagens, I’m going to prowl in her garage a little, check with her assistant, and give her the perfect hard-to-find tool. Because I’m magic and I can find it! Thanks for a great contest. I would soooo love to win! I’m dying to go to this convention but don’t know if I can afford it this year.

  2. Charlie Davidson from Darynda Jones’ Charlie Davidson series. A gift card to Starbucks for a year’s worth of coffee for all the late night crime solving.

  3. I would pick Chess from The Chess Putnam Series by Stacia Kane – I would give her a counselor and a rehab package. SHe brings out the most maternal in me and I would like her to conquer her addiction.

  4. I would choose Acheron from the novel by the same name from Sherrilyn Kenyon. my gift to him would be peace. Perhaps just a week of time with those he loves, no worries, no catastrophes and contentment. If anyone deserves it he does 🙂

  5. Oh, I want Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s the Dresden File. And his gift is a vacation. To the world I created in the Kraken’s Caribbean. He’d fit right in and the Kraken will make sure he isn’t disturbed while there.

  6. Mercy Thompson, Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson novels, patience. With everything she has to deal with, she needs it.

  7. I am so waiting for Dante in carrie ann ryan’s dante’s circle. i cant wait to see what that dragon is all about along with his mates i have love the character in the other ooks

  8. Alexander Wulf from Wulf’s Redemption of the Born Vampire series by Wend Petzler. I’d give him happiness. His world is collapsing all around him and he needs some happiness with Kai.

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  10. Anita Blake from LKHamilton’s Anita Blake series. I would get her the top of the line, doesn’t technically exist, mental and physical lock so she could have 48 hours of peace and quiet with her men.

  11. Meredith Gentry- LK Hamilton’s Meredith Gentry Series- I would give her the gift of peace of mind.

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