September Updates

Hello, my lovelies!!!

calendar-840874-mI’ve got a few things to share with everyone.

First… if you’re planning to attend Coastal Magic, but haven’t registered yet… GET THEE TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE!!!! Registration is only open until December 31st, and only 225 attendees will be accepted (including Featured and Registered bloggers). Please don’t miss your chance to join our awesome group of authors and fellow readers in February.

Second… I’m sorry to announce that Erin Quinn won’t be able to join us next year, afterall. I think we’re all happy that she’d decided to dedicate her time to her words, but we’ll miss her in Daytona next year. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that we get her back in 2015. If you’ve registered, and chosen either breakfast or lasertag with Erin, I’ll be deleting those options, and you’ll need to choose again.

Third… I’m crazy behind in getting our promo links pages updated. Please be sure to follow each of our Featured and Registered bloggers on their blogs, Facebooks, and Twitters for a wide variety of reviews, interviews and guest posts from our Featured Authors. They’ve put together some really fantastic pieces, and I’ll be getting the media pages updated as soon as I can. Until then… SURF… EXPLORE… ENJOY!!!

Fourth… to our Featured Authors… THANK YOU for participating in the promotional posts!!! We, as fans, love to see the awesome offerings you come up with, and we’re so excited to hear more from you. Also, for those of you who are sharing Coastal Magic information on your websites, newsletters, and in social media… THANK YOU!!!

Fifth… If you’ve emailed me in the last 3-4 weeks, I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to you yet. I’ve been unusually busy, and my inbox is now an ugly, scary, place with teeth and possibly a ray-gun. I am trying to make my way through it, and I’m hoping to have an actual day off without a bajillion other things to do very soon. I really, really appreciate everyone’s patience until I get to the end of my insanely overpacked string of weeks. (Thank GOODNESS it’s coming to an end very soon!!! Whoever planned my schedule the last few weeks needs their head exa… ummm… oh… yeah… :-/… lol.)

Alrighty, everyone. I think that’s it for now. Featured Authors… I’ll be working on an update email for all of you in the next week or so. Readers… GET REGISTERED!!! Let’s show these authors how much we appreciate them making themselves available to come hang out with us for a bit.

I’ll be in touch again in a few weeks!! Hope you’re all having a fantastic end of your summer!!


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