Pretty Nifty, We’re At 50!

385px-Florida_50_svgOk… ok… yes, that was super cheesy… but… I’ve added the 49th and 50th authors to the Featured Authors list!!!!

*tosses imaginary confetti*

So, while 50 was the target total for the event when I began planning for this year, I’ve actually got MORE AUTHORS who are very serious about wanting to join us, but just need to get some things ironed out in order to confirm. No, I’m not going to tell you who those are (don’t want to add extra pressure on them, just in case things don’t work out), but I’m very excited to have an “overflow” of authors.

I’ve also started a waiting list, in case we have cancellations that bring us UNDER the 50 author mark. Honestly, right now, I’m feeling a bit… make that a LOT… lucky. Not many readers get to surround themselves with such a talented, creative, passionate group of storytellers.

So… with most of the authors settled, it’s time to spread the word!! We’ve got panel rooms and meet & greet events to fill up with people who want to talk to and meet & greet our authors!! If you’re coming to hang out with us that weekend, please make sure you let your friends know, so they can join you! If you have a book club, or reading group… pass along the website and/or Facebook event info! The more the merrier… well, kind of.

One of the benefits of this event is that there’s a very high author to reader ratio. Our attendee limit is 200 readers (plus 25 Featured / Registered bloggers)… that equals LOTS of up close and quality time with the Featured Authors. If you’re planning to head Florida way in February, I would strongly suggest you do NOT wait to register!

OK… I think that’s it for right this second. I have some VERY overdue emails to send out, and pretty soon I’m going to start working on the beginning of a schedule. Lots to do… lots to do. I can’t wait to share it all with you!!

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