REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! Come Take A Bite Out Of The Beach With Us!!


I’m SO EXCITED!! We’ve still got 7 months until it’s time for our party, but I love that you can all start joining in!! A few things you should know…

– When you register for the convention, you’ll have the chance to register for additional activities. Many authors are opening up their breakfast time to hang out with fans. Each person is responsible for their own breakfast costs, but this is a fantastic opportunity to work in extra face time with your favorite storytellers. Three readers can start the day with each participating author.

There are also some authors who have volunteered to captain Supernatural LaserTag teams!!! For those of you who buy tickets for our offsite activity at Daytona Lagoon Family Fun Center (on Friday night), you can choose to be on the lasertag team of one of our Featured Authors. Each team will consist of one author and four readers. You’ll choose your supernatural race, and battle with 2 or 3 other teams in the glow-in-the-dark arena. You can purchase Daytona Lagoon tickets even if you don’t want to be on a lasertag team, there are many other activities covered by the pass.

– The Bad Movie Tweet-up is back!!! This year’s showing of The Covenant, with Master Snarker Damon Suade, was absolutely hilarious. Next year’s title is a secret for now, but rest assured it is worthy, lol. We’ll have a hashtag for everyone who wants to follow along and pitch in from home. Be sure to RSVP early if you want to be a part of this opening night activity.

– Kevin J Anderson (yes… Kevin J FREAKING Anderson!!) wanted to join us, but is unable due to scheduling conflicts. Just because he’s a cool guy, he’s sending a special gift to the first 50 people who register during this week!! (Who wants a li’l bit of Dan Shamble in their welcome bag??)

– This week our Featured and Registered Bloggers will be posting special promo blogs to share Coastal Magic with their readers. Be sure to pop in to see how each of them is spreading the word!


So… ladies and gents… mark your calendars, pack your flip flops and sunglasses, and register to come hang out with some fabulous authors and passionate readers. While the rest of the country is watching for snow flurries, we’ll be talking about “creatures of the night” in the Florida sun. We’re going to have a lot of fun and would love to see YOU!!

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  1. Reblogged this on Books Make Me Happy and commented:
    You guys… REGISTRATION IS OPEN FOR COASTAL MAGIC CONVENTION!!! If you’re in Florida, or want to be in February when it’s winter everywhere else, lol… get thee to the registration page!! Check out all the details on the official website page, linked in the post below…

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