We Have Progress!!

checkitoutJust popping in for a quick update. In case you hadn’t noticed… authors’ names and lovely, smiling faces are going up on the Featured Author page!!! Of course, this is just the beginning, but it’s cool (for me, anyway) to see the list grow every couple of days.

If you’re a reader who is thinking about attending Coastal Magic… HAVE YOU SEEN SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL BE THERE??!!?? It’s just a few listed right now, but they’re pretty darn awesome. (And more are on the way!) If there are names you don’t recognize… click their faces and you can read all about them and their books. I really can’t wait to meet all the new people, and see some old friends again!

Keep your eyes peeled for the list to get longer and longer. I’m hoping to be real close to that 50 author total by July when General Registration begins. Let me know what you think of our guests so far. 🙂

2 Comments on “We Have Progress!!

  1. List of authors is looking good! Getting Patricia Briggs would be wonderful! Here are a few others to consider…Karen Chance, Stacia Kane, Darynda Jones, Illona Andrews, DB Reynolds, JD Tyler, Clay & Susan Griffith, Amanda Bonilla, Coreene Callahan, Bec McMaster, Sandy Williams, Alma Katsu, Jenna Black, Dianne Duvall, Carolyn Crane, Rachel Vincent, G.A. Aiken, Alissa Day, S.L. Jennings, Anne Bishop (has a new urban fantasy book). That’s quite a few names – lol. I’ve read some of these authors, the rest are TBR. I can reach out to some of these authors if you like. Just let me know.

    Thanks again for coordinating this event. We had a lot of fun and we’re looking forward to the next one.

    • Hi Damaris,

      Of the ones you listed, I have emailed seven, but not heard back yet, one can’t come this year, but has asked to be reminded again next year, and one is going to be there. I’m not telling which is which, lol 🙂 I’ll add the ones I haven’t emailed yet to my list. Thanks for the suggestions!!

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